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January 11, 2022
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Teammate cristiano ronaldo «juventus», midfielder of the national team of uruguay rodrigo bentancur, spoke about his feelings from the first meeting with the portuguese.

Ronaldo in Trewing Is Striking - Inside

For many football lovers, the transition of cristiano ronaldo this summer from «real» in «juventus» became a real surprise. After 9 years in the village «creamy» and 4 wins in the champions league seeemed that the portuguese would remain until the end of his career in madrid, what he himself repetedly stated in his interview. However of the club and the departure of zinenina zidan from the post of coach played a role and criro was in turin.

At first, this decision seeemed rather strange, especially with regard to the fact that in the position of the portuguese «juventus» there were enough upscale players. But very quickly skepticism changed to the approval of such a decision. Ronaldo quickly found mutual understanding with partners and now deservedly occupies the pace of the main scorer fc this season.

In a recent interview with football italia young midfielder «juve» rodrigo bentancourt spoke about the first impresion of exploring the starry striker. Uruguayen admitted that it was pleasantly surprised when after the match of portugal with uruguay at the 2018 world cup ronaldo learned him and greeted. And when rodrigo first saw the fivefold owner «golden ball» in training, then the first thought that arose in his head was that the portuguese – this beast, who has a special approach to training, and on which it is laid out by 100%.

Today ronaldo will try to help «juventus» get another victory in the series a. Rival «zebr» will be «roma» under the leadership of di francesco.

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