Ronaldo Made A Statement After The Defeat From Atletico (Video)

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January 28, 2022
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Forward «juventus» cristiano ronaldo after the defeat from madrid «atletico» reminded journalists about the difference in the number of trophies of the lch, and «mattress».

Ronaldo made a statement after the defeat from Atletico (video)

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Yesterday at the stadium «wanda metropolitano» in madrid, passed the first match of the 1/8 finals between «atletico» and «juventus» – a fight, a full-worthy finale both on a sign and internal content. No one expects head extravagancies in this game, as both clubs can and practice high-quality game in defense, and their coaches are very good in tactical delights.

However, the goals were, and not even one. But they scored their central defenders, despite «indians», and u «zebr» world class attack players: costa, griersmann, morata «atletico» and ronaldo, manjucch, dibala «juve». Although it is just a logical reflection of tactics and models of building teams in this match.

«Atletico» it was faithful to himself: the club preferred to give the ball to the opponent, hawkening waiting for his mistakes for a lightning counterattack. Wherein «indians» spex was actively conducted, not giving to raise football players from turin. The whole line of attack «juve» was absolutely cut off and, in fact, so for the whole match and did not create truly dangerous moments. I remember that a few solo passages ronaldo and skillfully wanted by the penalty at the end of the meeting, after which bernardesian and seyan’s blow was followed.

«Juventus», possessing the advantage of possession of the ball, was forced to constantly wade through the dense redoubts of defense «indians», risking at the same time running on a lightning counterattack. And he rushed. A good moment had a diego costa in the second half, when she did not realize the exit one on one, and soon grizmann could not beat the goalkeeper of the italian club.

However, the goals, which in this match there were two, did not come after counterattack, but after standards. They were the most dangerous wapons of both teams during this fight. The first goal scored himenes on the 78th minute after the corner and the second – diego godin on the 83rd after the free. There was another goal who scored alvaro morath, but after watching the video show, the main arbitrator saw a foul in the attack and canceled the taking of the gate.

Despite the success of the var system, it still remains opponents. So, coach «tottenham» maurisio peretelly criticized the system, despite the fact that thanks to her the team won. Read more about it – in our material.

As a result, «atletico» won in the first two-time confrontation with a score of 2: 0 and made a significant application for a passage to the quarterfinals.

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— drafts 2.0 (@ drafts_2)
february 20, 2019.

After the fight players «juventus» were upset by the outome of the match. Defender «zebr» ciellini acknowledged that all players are unhappy will be quite difficult, but the will make every effort. The main star of the turin club cristiano ronaldo was more laconic, althogh more cut. Passing after the fight past journalists, the portuguese striker recalled that he had five wins in the champions league, and «atletico» – zero.

Cristiano: "cinco champons tengo yo y el atlético cero" #championsmlc pic.Twitter.Com / s9nyrh2ilw

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february 20, 2019.

Read more about the reasons and motivation, cristiano ronaldo go to «juventus» from madridsky «real» you can read in our special material.

A response meeting of teams will be held on march 12 in turin and before that «juve» there is a series of difficult matches, the most responsible of which – against «napoli» on the way out on march 3.

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