Ronaldo Proved That There Was No Injury

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April 20, 2022
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Yesterday, november 14, portugal national team defeated lithuania with a score of 6: 0. Three goals distinguished the forward «juventus» cristiano ronaldo. The striker looked completely healthy on the field, despite the recent statement of sarry about his injury. We understand more details.

Ronaldo Proved That There Was No Injury

Upon returning to turin ronaldo is waiting for a serious conversation

Cristiano ronaldo is experiency certain difficulties in this season «juventus». For 10 matches in the series and he distinguished himself only five times. Indition, in the last two games, the head coach of the turinists maurizio sarry replaced the portuguese in the second half. The last such solution in the game against «milan» wrapped for italian coach scandal. Criro was agry with the benchement and did not go to the bench towards comrades, and immediately went to the tnodbunnoe premises, after which he left the stadium.

After the game mentor «zebr» explained his solution to the knee injury in the striker and desire to care. More about the scandal we wrote in our special article.

However, in his words, few people then believed. Even more dubious, they seem after the game cristiano for the national team of portugal. After just a coupe of days after the incident in the club, ronaldo went to the location of the national team, where he trained in the main group wherene any visible signs of injury. And in yesterday’s game with lithuania, he was noticed at all, hat-trick, having participating in the defeat of the opponent.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano, however, was replaced at the 83rd minute of the match, but it was not about the injury, but about the conviction of the coach in the fact that the fight was already won, so you can play the opportunity to play and other wards. As a result, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the statement of sarry about injury ronaldo – this is only a way to conceal the conflict between him and a player.

The media claim that the portuguese expects a conversation with teammates that did not appreciate the gesture with the care from the stadium until the end of the match. Leonardo bonucci in an interview with football italia said they will meet in turin and everyone will discuss. At the same time, the defender stressed that she had no doubt in the desire of ronaldo to help «juventus» solve all set tasks for the season.

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