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January 27, 2023
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Sisters cristiano ronaldo – elma and liliana katya avaire – in tough form criticized the award award «golden ball» not their brother, but his ex-teamwork – luke modrich. Girls do not agree with the decision of the judges and accused of such an event outcome of the mafia and dirty money.

Ronaldo Sisters Criticized The Golden Ball

For the first time in 10 years a prize «golden ball» i received not ronaldo or messi, and the midfielder of croatia luka modrich. Following this event, there were messaz about the unscrupulousness of the organization. In particular, such information came from one of criar sisters.

The next week, after declaring the results of the sister award, cristiano ronaldo on its official pages in instagram published the same photo of his brother with «golden ball».

Liliana katya acccompanied his post signature: «the best player in the world, for those who understand football, of course». Elma in his public message was more critical: «unfortunately, the world in which we live, mired in nasty money and mafia. I, like others, thirst for justice. The power of god is more thank rot, god is not in a hurry, but he does not fail».

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Infelizmente isto é o mundo k se vive ????Da podridão, máfia e do filha da puta do dinheiro ????Mas eu é mt gente irá ver muita coisa, justiça, e o poder de deus é mt maior que essa podridão toda ????Deus tarda mas não falha ????

Publication from elma aveiro (@elma_oficial) 3 dec 2018 at 1:32 pst

December 3, awarded award «golden ball» french france football magazine. For the first time in 10 years, the reward did not get someone from the pair of ronaldo – messi, thereby disrupted the so-called hegemony of football players. The decision of the journalists (namely the decide who to award this award) many were criticized, which result in a wave of discussions on social networks and in an interview with the media.

For example, antooman grizmann, who took thrd place in this vote, said that he did not know what else had to be done to win a award, because last season he won won won «atletico» in the europa league and at the world championships with the france team.

In 2018, luka modrich won all the main individual awards in the football world:

  • The best player according to fifa.
  • The best player of the uefa season.
  • «Golden ball» world cup 2018.
  • «Golden ball» france football.

Practically a week before announcement of the voting results, the spanish journalist ector fernandez said he owns inside about the nominees at the award. He called the final three, which complety coincided with the names announced on december 3.

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