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March 31, 2022
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Cristiano ronaldo has been 34 years old, and the thoughts about the compltion of the career appear not only in the heads of fans, but also at the player himself. At the same time, even 20-year-old athletes can envy his physical shape. In an interview, portuguese tv footballer spoke about his plans and thougohts on this.


34 years – age when most forwards either complete a career or leaving to remote in the usa, japan and china. But this does not concern cristiano ronaldo. Last season he threw a new challenge, leaving «real» and going to turinsky «juventus». He continued to fit with him on football field: i scored the decisive goals, i gave my ass transfer and i won the championship and super cup of italy, becoming the best scorer «zebr».

Sometimes it sems that criro will never finish and he is rather a robot than a person. It is no secret that the portuguese has a sectial diet, regime, procedures before and after matches. But even if you take it into account, the form in which he is, continues to amaze. Despite age, he from year to year continues to fight for the title of the best player and nominate on «golden ball».

But nothing is eternally under the moon, as shakespeare said, and even cristiano understands it and begins to mentally prepare himself for the fact that he will soon hang boots on a nail. At least to this conclusion you can come by reading the translation of his interview, which he gave on the portuguese tv tv. In it a fivefold owner «golden ball» does not exclude that next year it can complete his career.

It sounds even a little shocking, because the portuguese in 2018 signed a four-year contract with «juve». But either ronaldo knows a little more about the possibilities of his body, or it was just a figure of speech, meaning that it is impossible to exclude anything. Since he soon finished his idea that in theory, it can do to 40-41. According to the star forward, his credo – have fun. What he can play – this is a gift and he should enjoy it.

Also during an interview with ronaldo i remembered one interesting fact. As you know, the football player himself grew up in a very poor family in a dysfunctional area of ​​the small town of funchal. Recently, the portuguese traveled home with his son and showed the place where his childhood passed. According to criro, some of the former neighbors did not go anywhere, and the son could not believe that the childhood of his father passed in these places.

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