Ronaldo Want To Get Rid Of, But No One Wants To Satisfy His Cash Requests

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July 28, 2022
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Cristiano ronaldo can finish his speeches for the turin club. The agent is working on its transition, but no one is ready to cover its financial requests. Now the portuguese is one of the highest paid footballers.

Ronaldo Want to Get Rid Of, But No One Wants To Satisfy His Cash Requests

Ronaldo take his own: the portuguese needs to accept the new status

About 10 years old, cristiano ronaldo was one of the best players of the planet. During this time, he confessed five times the best player, receiving «golden ball», and five times won the champions league. But age takes his. Now the portuguese is 36 years old, he best the best scorer of the series and last season, but the unarmed eee shows that the cell speed and physical power leave it. And the arrival at the coaching bridge massimiliano allegri in question now and game time ronaldo in «juventus». According to insiders, the italian is not going to shake over forward and will not promise him to enter the main composition.

The fact is that cristiano is not suitable for the tactical ideas of the coach. He plans to build a team around paulo dibal and not age crick. This, in turn, is not suitable for the portuguese, who is used to being the main star. For this reason, a star football player is looking for a new club. According to the italian journalist nikolo shira, the player is actively interested in «manchester united» and psg, but there is one big problem – player financial requests.

The Player Is Actively Interested In Manchester United and PSG

Source: twitter.Com / nicoschira

To date, cristiano receive, according to media, about €30 million per year. Nor mj, nor psg is ready to pay such money to the player who, in the course of the next season, will be 37 years old. His contract expires next year, and transfer value, according to «transfermact», rated in €45 million, which makes his purchase quite realistic. «Juventus» will facilitate his payment statement and will be able to earn at least some money from the sale.

To date, Cristiano Receive, According to Media Information, About € 30 Million Per Year

Source: instagram.Com / cristiano

About the interest of mj media reported for a long time. According to all the same shira, «red devils» consider the exchange option on the battlefield. But at the same time «united» extended an argement with kavani, after which another age player can believe with difficulty.

As for psg, this option sems more realistic. First, with a high probability of this year, the team will leave kilian mbappe. Secondly, ronaldo has been signed a long-term contract with nike, which is also a sponsor of psg. Sports brand is interested in a greater number of stars in paris. How much them will be able to interact on the second ball field. Yes, and for psg it will be the status acquisition.

But all this will be possible only in the case of a decrease in its own appetites from criro. We must not forget about another option for the portuguese – return to native «sporting». Previously, the media reported that the fleet of ronaldo had already moved to portugal.

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