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August 8, 2022
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The worst concerns of the internet comunity came true – wave blocking foreign anonymizers from rkn continued. You can read more about network legislative network – for example, about how the advertising of a casino on the internet abroad is controlled.


From september 2, rkn excluded six more similar resources from the list available on the territory of the russian federation. The victims of the ban’s ban were among other popular services such as nordvpn and expressvpn. As reported «tvnz», the department commented on the ban vpn, saying that if the site was blocked, the ability to circumvent the ban completely deprives the blocking of the meaning. After all, the user can continue to visit the resources that are tdaded by illegal activities or contain prohibited information.

It should be noted that this blocking was not unexpected – last week, the department warned of a potential wave of bans and sent a warning to those russian banks that use proxy to work with foreign clients.

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