Roskomnadzor Intends To Block Google

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January 31, 2023
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Roskomnadzor announced its intention to block access to the google search engine, if it does not agree to remove from issuing illegal resources. To do this, the law may be made appropriate changes. This was announced by the deputy head of departments vadim subbotin.

Roskomnadzor intends to block Google

He explained that today an administrative penalty is provided for this offense. However, according to him, obstacles to to change the current legislation, no. The deputy stressed that the department has enough powers in order to settle this issue. Moreover, the government always assists in the event that any company does not comply with the norms of russian legislation.

According to subbotin, it is necessary to make changes to № 149-фз to allow the resource blocking «about information», since the work of internet companies is regulated by this document.

The deputy head of the department explained that we are talking about sites that are promoting gambling, drugs, extremism, terrorism. According to him, google was to remove all these resources from search results.

However, subbotin noted that if representatives of the american company decide to cooperate with roskomnadzor, radical measures will not be taken.

A few days earlier, the department has already fined google for a given violation of 500 thousand. Rubles.

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