Rostelecom Wants To Block Google Servers In Russia

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August 8, 2022
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Representatives «rostelecom» they proposed to block the dns servers of the american google corporation, which means to use the search engine, cloudflare and doh service will be impossible. Are you intended in changes in legislation or profitable mining bitcoins – all of this you will find information on our site.

Rostelecom Wants To Block Google Servers in Russia

The company argues blocking security considerations on the internet and the ability to restrict access to prohibited foreign resources, which championat writes as.Ru. As a replacement, it is proposed to use ip addresses taken from the national domain name system. This will make it possible to find people on the network safer, approves «rostelecom». It was also said about conducting technologies to improve the quality of the internet.

Meanwhile, attempt to block google services made roskomnadzor, which is why the bank of russia system suffered, finanz writes.Ru. Problems appeared when using the bank’s personal account. Then there were malfunctions when leending to rubles and when placing free money on deposits. As a result, to unload the network, banks from banks began to take on paper. As a central bank, the problems arose due to technical work.

And in the meantime, the import substitution of foreign software and hardver is complete in full swing – companies and government agencies will soon have to go to domestic software and some – and domestic equipment.

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