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May 12, 2022
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Mobile Games Can Be Dangerous

As a result of conditionally free mobile games in russia, experts from the center for digital expertise rosquets concluded that the potential danger of this segment for children. According to experts, such entertainment instase the child addiction from gambling mechanic, and due to the weak legislative regulation of the industry, it becom a big problem.

During the pandemic, the mobile application market showed significant growth. The amount of downloads increased by an average of 45%, and developer revenues showed a jump in more than 65%. As a result of 2020, russia entered the top five countries with the most rapid growth in the number of mobile game downloads. Over the past year, citizens of the russian federation spent more than a billion dollars on internal transactions.

As a basis for analyzing, the experts of roskatki took the six most popular applications that are more actively advertised on social networks. In each of them, obsessive gambling mechanics were found.

The key problem was the presence of algorithms chith random chances of winning. Butliahood of receiving the payment determines the certified gsh, here developers can somehow affect probability. According to the assurances of rumor, companies that produce mobile games originally plan these mechanics as peculiar "sticks in the wheels". Users throughout the time artificially create obstacles and are offered to solve them by donat. And even after investing money, a person risks not getting what he needs.

As a result, the user may form a dependence on excitement, especially dangerous for children’s psyche. The regularity of purchases is increasing, and sometimes the even become illegal.

As a solution to the problem, the department proposes to introduce age limits 18+ for some applications and oblige developers to warn about the presence of elements of gambling in the main menu.

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