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March 31, 2022
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Royal Ascot Will Spend 7 Races Daily

Ascota hippodrome announced that her majesty queen kindly agreed to approve the increase in the number of royal ascot races up to seven daily during the royal race of 2021 (from june 15 to 19). Last year, the program of copper horse, holyrood palace and golden gates were added to the program, and the buckingham palace jumps were restored.

Her majesty also approved the assignment of kensington palace of a new handicap, which will pass through the old mile for four and young mares. Kensington palace jumps will be held in kensington gardens, former members of the royal family from the 17th century.

"Silver" versions of the royal hunt cup and wokingham are not planned, and on saturday will not be eight occasions, as in 2020.

Sir francis broke, a representativive of her majestin in ascota, said:

"The pointive point that we learned from the royal ascot 2020 was that additional jumps provided more opportunities to participate, and it was welcomed by owners, coaches, breeders and jockey. We are happy to make this change constant. ".

The procedure for holding in 2021 will be based on the 2019 chart. The schedule for 2020 reflected later the beginning of the flat season, which demanded significant changes, mainly related to the terms of the newmarket and epsom classics.

In 2021, constantly added will be taken every day as final. The exception will affect saturday, where the golden gate handicap will be held as the sixth in a row, and the meeting will end, as usual, jumping of queen alexandra. Jackets of queen anna will return at their usual time, opening the royal meeting.

The size of the prizes will be confirmed before early closure of the competition in april and will be listed with the deprciation of the amount (based on 2020).

Nick smith, director of jumps and public relations company ascot added:

"Last year, the concept of extended maps was well accepted, and we are very pleased that we can offer additional opportunities to community jokes, public, television companies and media.

Currently, more thanner, critical gaining opportunities to win prize money and increase fees, as well as income from rates within the country and abroad.

After consulting, we decided to remove two backup jumps and introduce another high-quality handicap, as we actually reduce the number of one race compared to last year, when eight was held on saturday. It occurred to us that the old mile track is used only twice during the royal ascot, and another race track will add a variety of proposed tracks ".

Last year, extended maps were possible only due to a slight decrease in the size of some fields and also because the covid-19 protocols did not alloow the night.

 "To ensure that field size can again increase to the maximum, it is also extremely important to provide a night stall and we ordered additional temporary stables to be built in accordance with the required high standards.

Royal ascot is constantly developing and benefits from many recent additions and promotions, and week will now become more and better for everyone. ".

Source: official royal ascot site

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