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January 10, 2022
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Royal Carribean

Quantum of the seas, belonging to royal caribbean international, on december 3, became the second ship sent from singapore to "cruise to nowhere", subtocols to contaocols to covid-19. The first was the world dream of genting cruise line, which on november 6 began similar cruises in singapore. These cruises wort import ports take place within the pilot program announced in october singapore tourism council.

Royal caribbean organizes up to two flights a week, departing on mondays and thursdays, with tickets from $ 374 per person for a three-day cruise.

The operator offers three- and four-day ocean getaway cruises on a liner with a reduced 50 percent focallery. The first flight, a four-day cruise with the participation of more than 1,300 people, the second, three-day, transport over 1,700 passengers.

At full capacity during a pandemic quantum of the seas can serve up to 2000 guests – half of its usual number of passengers exceeding 4000 people.

 "We want to try out our product. It is a cross, since we are already sold out by 99 percent for most of december, "said ms. Angie stephen, managing director for the asia-pacific region in royal caribbean international. "We would like to start slowly and build a safe pace".

She added that the demand "exceeded expectations" and that the company probably experts a sharp increase in orders for the period of the chinese new year in february and during.

Passengers must comply with the measures for a safe stay on board and all entertainment establishments and facilities. It will be provided with full access to all the comforts of the ship, but registration for some attractions immersion in batiskof.

Wearing a mask is mandatory on board, and passengers must constantly have a mobile application or aware of trace together.

"Following these protocols, our guests can travel with confidence, knowing that security is a priority for royal caribbean," said ms. Stephen.

If the covid-19 infection case is discovered during the cruise, on board quantum of the seas there is a hospital with pcr laboratory and intensive care departments, equipped with ivl, where you can isolate and treat patients.

Meanwhile, world dream has up to threee flights a week, with two-day and three-day cruises.

Both companies are involved in the pilot project of "safe cruise", which serves with limited throughput of the inhabitants of singapore. In the aggregate passenger transportation on the quantum of the seas seas and world dream yachts will be only about 30 percent of the usual winter cruise season.

Source: edition the straits times

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