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January 20, 2022
5 minutes

Poker bones are a board game in which combinations are compiled with the help of numbers on the sides of the cubes. Purpose – to score the greatest number of points. Play poker on the bones can be minimal together, the maximum number of participants is not limited. The outcome of the conma depends to a greater extent of good luck, the use of any tactics and strategies is possible only in some species of entertainment.

Basic Rules

The game uses 5 classic six-grade cubes.

Before starting, the special table is drawn into which each player independently brings the results of the throw.

By drawing the participant who will start con. On each move, the player will have three attempts. They can be used to use everything or stop if it is satisfied with the dropped set. Unused shots burn.

The game consists of two stages.

First step

Players collect simple combinations – three cubes or more identical advantages. Total at the first stage six moves. After the first attempt, the necessary cubes are set aside, and the rest rushes again.

For example: the throw brought 3, 3, 3, 5, 1. To write three and more three, the participant leaves 3, 3, 3, and the remaining throws again. Collective combination, pokerist notes this in the appropriate field in the table. If you don’t work out the desired figures, the player must record a zero result in any column to choose.

The necessary cubes are removed to the side, the rest rushed again

After all moves are made, the results are summed up. Depending on the type of competition there are two calculation options:

  1. For the closed set of three digits, 0 points are accrued, from two – minus value (-1 in a string unit, -2 in the twos and T string.D.), out of four – plus value (according to a similar principle). If the total account is equal to or more than 0, then the participant is charged 50 bonus points.
  2. You can write even one cube. In the appropriate line indicates the sum of all numbers. For example, for those who fell 5, 5, 4, 1, 6 in the table recorded to choose from: 10 points in the column five, 4 – in fours, 6 – in six or 1 – in units.

In the second version, with the amount of more than 62, bonus 35 points are accrued.

Second phase

At the second stage, the collection of poker combinations begins. The principle is the same – three attempts on every move. Calculation of points in the classic version is as follows:

Combination Singing Example
Set Sum 2 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 4 = 11
Care Sum 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 6 = 22
Full house Fixed 25
Small Street Fixed thirty
Big Street Fixed 40
Poker Fixed fifty
Anyone Sum Any values

In some cases, only the cubes involved in the scenario are calculated. At the end of Kona, the total number of points is written for each participant. Peccher who scored more than the rest is announced by the winner.

The main entertainment strategy is the desire to obtain the greatest amount of points. In the gameplay, it is important not only to collect all the necessary positions, but at a convenient case to abandon the closure of a complex set in favor of a greater amount of scores.

For example, having received 2, 2, 2, 5, 5 when closed full-house, it is recommended to get rid of the twists before re-throwing, since the alleged result with five points can be higher than with twos.

Poker combinations

In the second round, you need to collect from six poker layouts (in some varieties up to 10):

  1. Set – Three dice with the same meaning.
  2. Full house – 2 of one dignity, 3 – another.
  3. Small Street – sequence of four digits.
  4. Big Street – five consecutive numbers.
  5. Care – Four identical numbers.
  6. Poker – five identical numbers.

In addition to poker sets in the plate there must be a graph "Any" or "Chance". There you can make any alignment. Often the table is expanding, adding positions: steam, two pairs, even. Each graph is filled once, rewrite the data in the table can not.

Game Field

Game varieties

Varieties of this gambling entertainment differ only by nuances in the rules. Participants will initially agree on the features of the conma or choose a classic option. Here are some features:

  • Kon without stages – kits can be recorded in complex or simple at the discretion of the playing. In this embodiment, the poker can use a specific tactic. For example, close the complex layouts first, and then simple to get more points at the start.
  • Bonuses for combinations – Pokzer gets extra glasses for certain combinations. For example, a double amount for a kare or street, dropped from the first throw.
  • Bonuses for exceeding the threshold of points. Most often issued after the completion of the first stage.
  • For complex sets Pecherists get a certain number of points regardless of the nominal dice. Thus, 40 points are automatically charged for a big strid, for full-house – 25, even if it consists of units and twists.

The rules of the poker game on the bones are quite flexible, which allows you to make entertainment fascinating and if necessary to diversify the process.

Filling table

Rules of filling table with glasses in poker on the bones simple. In lines and columns are indicated by all the players and names of combinations. In empty fields, participants note the number of points obtained after each turn.

An example of a completed table:

Combination game player AEGROK Bigro
Units one one 3
Two 8 6 8
Troika 12 nine 6
Four 12 8 16
Five 15 twenty 10
Six 6 12 eighteen
Set eighteen twenty 24
Care 26 6 13
Full house 25 25 25
Small Street thirty thirty thirty
Big Street 0 40 40
Poker fifty 0 0
Anyone 21 12 24
TOTAL 224 189 217

Defeated the player a, who scored 224 points.

You can add a string with a bonus for accurate counting.

It is placed after the first block. If the rules were the condition for obtaining additional bonuses, then for them you also need to add separate fields.
Poker Rules are simple and flexible, thanks to this, entertainment is popular. You can find several options for this game in the online casino, if you wish, the user has the right to run one of them, trying his strength there.

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