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February 18, 2022
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Baccarat is considered one of the simplest card games in the world, which only contributes to the growth of its popularity. Unlike poker and blackjack, in which the player needs to receive verified solutions to increase the likelihood of winning, baccarat does not require any special skills in hemball. In this game, luck more depends on the will of the case, and the winning strategies are associated with the bankroll management. Nevertheless, to enjoy the gameplay, hemball should figure out in detail how to play Bakkar correctly.


The first mention of the game belongs to the XV century, and its appearance is associated with the name of the Italian Felix Falgier. Recognition among representatives of the European nobility of Bakkar received due to distribution in France. Finally, the basic rules took shape in the XIX century. Modern version called Punto-Bank appeared in ground casinos in the 1940s.

Rules of the game

Participants play against the establishment, which represents a dealer, or banker. In the online casino in the category "Board games" in the role of croupier performs a program algorithm – the value of the card is determined by the random number generator. In the popularity of Live Casino format, the distribution is carried out by real dealers – users see their actions in real time.

The table with special markup and one or more card decks on 52 sheets.

Types of betting

To participate in the distribution it is necessary to determine the size of the bet and put the chips to one of the available outcomes. In the classic variety of them only three:

  • Player Winning (Player).
  • Winning Dealer (Banker).
  • Tie (Tie).

Before distributing the user is invited to make a bet

In some modifications, additional types of bets are provided (side, side or special), which are done after selecting the main outcome:

  • Pair of banker or player – two cards of one value in the distribution.
  • The perfect pair is two cards that match not only by meaning, but also.
  • Large hand picking 5 or 6 points.
  • Little hand picking 4 points.

Distribution of cards and natural combinations

Having accepted the bets, the dealer distributes two cards to itself and player, after which points are calculated separately for croupier and gembrella. If the amount of points is equal to or exceeds 10, ten points are deducted from the result. The task of the participant to dial the number of points, as close as possible to nine.

Meaning Care Character
Figures from twos to nineat par
Dozen, any pictures0

Example: Hembler got a twice and nine. The amount is determined by nominal and amounts to 2 + 9 = 11. Since 11 more than 10, 10 points are deducted from the result. The final cost of the GEMBLER combination is 1 point.

The combination of eight and nine is called natural. If a player gets a natural combination, the distribution is completed and the hands compares.

Bake of a third card

If the gembler dials up to 5 points inclusive, it receives the third card. The croupier makes a bona when performing one of the conditions specified in the table.

Glasses or Cards Barrier Barbagal
There was no bunch6 or moreNo
No eight3Yes
Any quantity0-2Yes
Any quantity7No
No four, five, six, sevenfiveYes
No tens, pictures, aces, eight or nine4Yes

According to the rules of the game in Baccarat in the casino it is impossible to abandon the bona, if the conditions are made. In the home game, the bite can be voluntary.

Definition of the winner and payout

After the council, the outcome is determined. Wins the one who collected more points, and with an equal number declared a draw. If the user wins bets, the rate is paid.

If the gembler did not guessed the result of the party, the chips put in the casino income.

Definition of the winner

Payments for basic outcomes are calculated based on the coefficients and player rates:

  • Hambler victory – x1.
  • Dealer’s victory – X1 minus 5% commission.
  • Draw – x9 (for some x8 tables).

Multipliers for side bets:

  • Couple of banker, player couple – x11.
  • Perfect Couple – X25.
  • Big hand – x0,54.
  • Small hand – x1.5.


Institutions can change the classical Baccar rules – enter additional side rates, increase or decrease payouts. Among the varieties in online casinos often encounter modifications that have differences from the classic version:

  • Mini Punto – there are no additional betting, one deck is used for 52 sheets.
  • Super 6 or Punto 2000 – the rate on the croupier is paid without the holding of the commission 5%, but if the croupier has 6 points, the payment of 0.5 K 1 is used.
  • Dragon 7 – putting on a banker, you can get the payment of X50 if the dealer will have 7 points on three maps.
  • Panda 8 – The X25 multiplier acts if the banker is gaining 8 points on three cards, and the user guess the outcome.

Bakkari game strategy

There is no win-win victory strategy, because in conditions of the default, the advantage of the casino in front of the player. However, using various techniques, you can minimize the advantage of the institution, and in case of good luck stay in the plus. The main condition is never to put on a draw, which is due to the low probability of such an outcome.

Table of probability winning various bets

Exceitivity of victuals of casino
Couple dealer7.46%10.36%
Pair of gemblera7.46%10.36%
Perfect para3.34%13.03%
Big hand61.10%4.35%
Small hand37.89%5.27%

The lower the advantage of the institution, the higher the chances of the gembler win. Thus, it is most profitable to put on the banker, but it is necessary to take into account the commission of 5%, charged with the payment in case of victory.

To increase the probability of profit, progressive increase systems are used:

  • Doubling after losing – losing, gembler puts twice. Winning after doubling, the user compensates for previous losses. The lack of a strategy is that in most cases the maximum rate is only 100 times higher than the minimum,.E. It is impossible to double the minimum limit of more than 7 times.
  • Doubling after winning – the rate increases after victory. The new distribution uses chips obtained from payments. When playing, the gembler returns to the minimum limit. In the case of three or four victories in a row, the user receives a solid kush, investing the minimum of money.
  • Without increasing with a constant choice of one bet. The system is justified in the varieties of Dragon 7 and Panda 8, where high coefficients are valid.

Before playing for real money, you need to remember or write down the steps of increasing if the gembler chooses this strategy.

You can try out the effectiveness of any technique in free demoment, since most developers supply Bakkar with an introductory mode. In the case of the Live tables, the Casino client can only join the broadcast and for some time to monitor the process, but the game for free chips in this format is not available.

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