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February 10, 2022
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Bingo – one of the most popular gambling games. Burning like entertainment for the rich, now it is available to everyone and gained widespread. What is the secret of success and how to play the bingo lottery correctly, we will try to figure it out in this material.

History of appearance

The first mention of this entertainment falls by the 16th century, when in Genoa by pulling balls with numbers, elections were held by the Council. Later it spread through Europe, but in the modern version I have gained great popularity in the USA at the beginning of the last century. In the city fairs in Bingo, the Italians played, who filled out cards with numbers using beans. The winner had to shout "Bean Go!"- Hence the current name of the game.

The ruined entrepreneur Edwin Lowe with the help of a friend Mathematics has established the release of cards with non-repeating numbers, thereby putting the beginning of the active development of bingo.

Vintage Bingo Set


One of the advantages of this game is simplicity, because Lotto Bingo rules are easy even a beginner.

Initially, each participant chooses one or more cards with non-repeating numbers. To determine the dropped numbers, a lothotron or a bag of kegs is used. The lead one after another takes out balls or barrels and declares the dropped number that the lottery participants should find on their tickets and cross out. When the player fills on the coupon a specific figure or deletes all the necessary numbers, he shouts "Bingo!". After checking the coupon, the winner receives a win.


There are several basic varieties of this lottery:

  • Bingo-90 (British version);
  • Bingo-75 (American version);
  • Bingo-80;
  • Russian lotto.

In the British version, lothotron and balls are used with a face value from 1 to 90. The game coupon consists of three rows of nine cells, on which fifteen non-repeated figures are marked in five in each row. Drawing is carried out in three stages. First defeats the one who fully filled any row, the second one who struck out all the numbers in two rows. The main prize gets to the one who does not have digits on the card. If the necessary combination simultaneously dropped from several participants, they will share a prize equally.

Bingo Bingo Cards 9 Balls

The American version uses 75 balls. Gaming coupons are a square of 5×5 cells, the central of which is empty. As a rule, the letters B I N G O are located above each column. From the lottery in turns fall out balloons indicating the number and letters, and the lottery participants are drawn by the coincided numbers. Another difference between American species is that the prize receives one who is the first to form a certain figure on the card.

Dimensional British American80 Russian
InventoryLothotron and ballsLothotron and ballsLothotron and ballsBag and barrels
Number of balls / barrels90758090
Number of digits on the card15241615
Method of determining the winner1) Fill one row2) Fill two rows3) Fill the entire cardPaint the status announced by the organizersPaint the status announced by the organizers1) fill out one row2) fill the entire card3) Fill out both cards

Version with 80 balls is more often used in online casino. Game tickets consist of 16 digits located in the form of 4×4 square. For convenience, each column is highlighted in different colors. The scheme for determining the winner is similar to the American species. Wins one who earlier the rest will close all the numbers according to the Regulations. It can be a horizontal, vertical, diagonal or predetermined by the organizers of the figure.

Bingo on 80 balls in online casino

In Russia, the most popular option with 90 numbers, which uses not a lothotron, and a bag with barrels. Lovers of Azart She’s more famous called Russian Lotto. Players receive two tickets with fifteen rooms on each. Lottery draw is divided into three parts. On the first of them, the ticket wins on which any horizontal line is filled before the rest. The following prize goes to the one who filled out one of the cards entirely, and the main bank wins the participant, the first drawn all thirty digits.


Effective strategies, as in other lotteries, there is no. However, there are several general rules that will enhance the likelihood of winning:

  1. It is important to avoid playing crowded halls. The more lottery participants, the smaller the chances of winning. Middle-sized institutions or sites with a small number of players will be most.
  2. Acquiring more tickets will allow you to win more often. The optimal option is considered to use four game tickets.
  3. It is necessary to carefully check the dropped numbers and numbers on the coupon. Although the rules of the Bingo game are simple, often players show inattention and forget to strike the right numbers.

Where to play

The most conservative way is the game is live in specialized halls. Special demand also enjoy television and instant lottery.

To participate, it is enough to purchase a ticket, and then wait for the results of the circulation or erase the code from the game coupon.

The main difference of the game on the Internet is that the participants compete are not with each other, but with a gambling institution. When playing a bingo in online casinos, it is important to choose a hall with a proven reputation. It is also worth considering the proposed bonuses and the amount of payments.

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