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March 2, 2022
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After the invention in the middle of the XVII century, the roulette was repeatedly prohibitions, and church figures even considered the game by the making of the devil, since the amount of numbers on the wheel is 666. Now it is one of the most popular gambling entertainment. The basic rules of the game in the roulette in the casino are even known those who have never been in such establishments.

Roulette species in casino

In the online casino, you can find dozens of roulette species (3D, mini, without zero, classic with additional rules, etc.), but the basic type of only three:

  1. European. Enjoy the greatest popularity. This is a traditional version to be navigated to navigate. There are standard roulette rules in the casino, it is often allowed to place the so-called oral bets. The advantage of the institution is 2.7%, and the theoretical refund is 97.3% – it is more than in most slots.
  2. French. Differs in the markup of the table and the use of terminology in French. A special rule is available, which reduces the mathematical superiority of the institution twice, t. E. up to 1.35%. In this case, the game is more beneficial to gembrair, but institutions can enter additional restrictions.
  3. American. Key feature – double grain, which increases the advantage of the casino to 5.26%. The additional sector also necessitates the possibility of accommodating special types of rates (for two Zero). Track for oral rates usually no. Theoretical refund is 94.74%.

In terrestrial institutions in the American version play multicolored chips, which facilitates the process of paying the winnings. The nominal is set at the request of the hembler (the amount is recorded by the croupier on the chicken).

Outside the table, such chips of real value do not have. Before leaving the table, you need to exchange them on standard. In European establishments, ordinary chips are used, the denomination is determined by the cost of a specific casino.

In the American roulette, the dealer removes the chips from the table with hands, and when the game is used for this, a special blade is used to do this

Roulette consists of a table with a field (a table for placing chips) and a rotating wheel. On the table there may also be a special markup for oral rates, or track. On the wheel there are cells of red and black colors with numbers from 1 to 36, as well as one or two Zero (0, 00) on a green background.

General Rules Ruletics

GEMBLER protrudes casino opponent. The goal is to assume in which cell will stop the movement of the ball. Round begins after removing previous chips and payments to the winners.

In land establishments, rates are accepted during rotation. How to play a roulette in a casino can explain the dealer. In electronic versions of the game (Casino Roulette from Wazdan, Roulette from Netent, American Roulette from Playtech and T.D.) A brief certificate with the basic rules is contained, and the rates are made by gembrelch until the START button is pressed.

You can play online casino in the mini version of the game, 3D roulette, Roulette without Zero and other interesting varieties

As soon as the ball stops moving along the wheel, the dealer is noticed on the table the sector in accordance with the dropped number. Chips with not played rates go to the casino income, and the winnings are paid on all victory combinations. In online versions, the designation of the number and payouts occur automatically.

Types of betting

The field represents table 3 x 12. The sectors specify the numbers of cells. Bets per number or several numbers are placed in the table and are called internal. There are also several sectors around the table for so-called external rates.


Internal are straightforward (for one number) and on the series. The following varieties are accepted:

Named the Number of the Detail Package
Direct (on the number, Single Number) one 35: 1
Split (Split) 2 17: 1
Street (Street) 3 11: 1
Sixline (Sixline) 6 5: 1

Standard field with sectors

Due to the features of the wheel bet on the Zero differ in different options for the game. In American, you can place chips on the border of two sectors with Zero (0, 00). Coefficient – 17 to 1. The inner rate on split from the Zero and Street of the first three numbers (1-3) is called Top Line. If this assumption is true, the payment will be made with a coefficient of 6 to 1. In the classic version, you can put on split from any number and 0, the first four numbers (eng. First Four or Fri. Quatre Premiere).


External rates suggest a smaller risk and, accordingly, smaller payments. They prefer more cautious conservative players. There are several options for external series.

Names of numbers
Red / Black (Red / Black) eighteen 1: 1
Even / odd (Even / ODD) eighteen 1: 1
Small (1-18) / large (19-36) numbers (High / Low) eighteen 1: 1
Column / Dozen (Columns / Dozens) 12 2: 1

Red / Black, Even / ODD, High / Low are called equal chance rates. But they close not half of the playing field, as it seems at first glance, and less, because there is one or two extra sectors of the Zero.

Players can combine several types of rates, but each table has minimal and maximum limits. The maximum limit on the internal always lower than, on the external, because the coefficient when the winning number is dropped in the first case. Sometimes there are special rules.

Additional rules

Some versions use special conditions. With equal chances in the French tape measure, La Partage can act. In this case, hemball is returned half of the chips when the bead ball is stopped. Analogue in the American version is called Surrender Rule. This special rule reduces the mathematical advantage of the Club to 2.63%.

In the European and French versions on a separate field you can make oral series. To do this, you will need 4-9 chips. On the wheel allocate such sectors (series):

  1. Voisins de Zero (Big Series). The player closes the 17 numbers, 9 chips will need.
  2. Tier du Cylindre (Small Third Wheels). Series of 6 chips for 12 numbers that are located on the track sequentially.
  3. Zero Spiel. Close Rooms located near Zero. A total of 4 chips will be required: one on split from 0, 3; 12, 15; 32, 35; Another one – at 26.
  4. Orphelins (orphans). Set of 8 digits that are located opposite each other. It is necessary 5 chips.

On the track for oral rates indicated by possible series

Oral bids are not accepted in all casinos and are suitable for more experienced gembrellas.

Strategy game Roulette in Casino

Gemblored prefer to follow systems, allowing to systematize the game and increase the likelihood of winning. The most effective schemes contain general recommendations and concern finance control, that is, bankroll management:

  1. Restriction of bank. The amount used only for gambling entertainment should be limited. Online rounds pass quickly, so it is desirable to have at least 1000 bets in a bankrolla. In land facilities, where the limits of tables are higher, the amount depends on the financial capabilities of the player. By analogy with poker at a session at one table, it is enough to allocate from 30 rates.
  2. Middle rate. Minimal or average nominal rates will allow the bankroll longer. Optimally divided the bank into two unequal parts: 75% spend on equal chances, 25% use for an aggressive game that can bring the most profit. This is a moderate risk strategy.
  3. Stop Loss (Stop Loss). Effective loss limit way. The exact loss boundary depends on the deposit value. In one session, it is advisable to spend no more than a tenth of the bankroll.
  4. Stop Win (Stop Win). It is necessary to determine in advance the maximum value of the winnings in the cash equivalent or as a percentage of the bank. Experienced players advise pause in case of increasing an active deposit by 20-30% and output winnings. Gemblored preferring aggressive strategy can use this amount for risky rates with large pay ratio.

Most winning strategies for roulette are built on probability theories and mathematical calculations. Often take into account the presence of wheels and individual handwriting dealer, which is acceptable only for land establishments or Live Casino. In this case, the result is trying to predict on the basis of an estimate of the speed of rotation, taking into account the initial position of the ball on the wheel.

Limits do not fully use progressive strategies

The effectiveness of strategies can be assessed on the basis of reviews of experienced players. Some systems really work. But it is important to understand that there is no strategy that allows you to constantly win, and the advantage is always on the side of the casino. Gembler can only increase their chances to a certain extent.

How to play roulette at Live Casino

The principle of a roulette game in Live Casino does not differ from the gameplay in ground facilities. The results of the draw are subject to physical laws. Until now, the games of this format did not have demoments, but recently the company NETENT suggested gembrellas to play with live dealers for free.

In the case of electronic roulettes, an online casino uses a fundamentally different approach to determine the results. They randomly generate a computer program. The random number generator (HSH) continuously creates a code lines where each new result does not depend on the previous. The result of the draw is defined at the moment when the player clicks on the Start button. In this case, the gembrellas demonstrates graphic visualization of wheel rotation.

When playing with live dealers, the quality of broadcasting depends on the speed of the Internet connection

Roulette allows gembrellas to enjoy gambling entertainment with minimal losses of the bank, because, taking into account the special rules, the mathematical advantage of the casino can decrease to 1.35%. And if you figure out the theory, take up practical advice and learn how to choose the most advantageous models, the likelihood of ripping a large kush will significantly increase.

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