Runet Protection Bill Can Threaten Network Stability

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January 14, 2022
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Adoption of new measures to protect runet from possible threats can provoke instability of internet connections. This became known from the revocation of ano «digital economy» on the proposed bill.

Runet protection bill can threaten network stability

The review was sent to the russian government, which he received, as the republic of the maxim akimova aliya samgullina reports.

The corresponding bill was introduced to the state duma at the end of last year. His authors are senators andrei klishas, ​​lyudmila bokova, as well as the depeuty andrei lugovoy. According to the document, roskomnadzor can pay off the authority to control the routing of online traffic of russian operators. Indition, if the bill is adopted, the department will begin to monitor, so that less domestic traffic can be held through foreign nodes. Also roskomnadzor will create a special center that will manage networks in various unforeseen situations.

Recall: according to the deputy head of roskomnadzor alexander pankov, the bill does not provide for the creation of a closed internet model.

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