Ruslan And Lyudmila: Navka Announced A Tour Tour

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July 15, 2022
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On his official page in «instagram» the famous figure skater tatiana navka told about the near tour with the already demanded of the show «ruslan and ludmila».

Ruslan and Lyudmila: Navka announced a tour tour

«Ruslan and ludmila» navka: tolyatti will be the starting point of the tour

Despite the fact that tatiana navka has long finished his sports career, it continues to stay in the center of attention of the media and fans. And it’s not just that her husband press secretary of the president of the russian federation, which, of course, is displayed on attention to its interviews and everyday life. This is largely due to the fact that the figure skater does not throw figure skating. It also appears in television shows associated with her favorite view and sports, participates in ice shows and even itself is the director of many of them.

Did not have time to cool the memories of fc fans about her «snow queen», the main role in which was performed by the olympic champion alina zagitov, as tatiana announced a tour with an equally successful and popular show «ruslan and ludmila». The post about it appeared on the official page navka. Previously because of the pandemic, part of the show had to be transferred to the spring.

Figure skating on the right becom one of the most popular sports in russia, which is still loved by russians – read on our site.

The upcoming performance – this is the interpretation of the famous work of alexander pushkin with an interesting filling. Speeches of skaters are accompanied by light and 3d effects, many numbers are supplied with complex choreography, when many artists perform on stage at the scene. Main role – lyudmila – tatiana navka’s performed and ruslana – peter chernyshev. Since this is not a simple show, but rather, a musical, a special music was written to the spectrum, and philip kirkorov, ani lorak, alexander panayotov and others were written among singers.

The first city from which spring tour will begin «ruslan and ludmila», tolyatti will become – march 27. True, which cities are included in the tour, it is not yet clear, including the information is still not available on the official website of the musical. Users in the comments also fell asleep tatiana navka questions on this topic.


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