Russia Arranged The Team Defeat San Marino: Politovanda Celebrated

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April 20, 2022
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The russian national team finished selection at at euro 2020 on a positive note: defeated the san marino national team. The match present at once three debut goals of football players under the leadership of stanislav cherchesov, including the long-awaited ball comlichenko. But the jibea record was installed and could not.

Russia Arranged The Team Defeat San Marino: Politovanda Celebrated

Dzjuba under pressure, and the record kerzhakov is not yet reached

Before meeting s «football dwarf» no one had doubts that russia will win with a crushing account. The main question was only how many times artem dzübah will notic (in the last meeting with san marino, he made it four times). From the alexander kerzhakov record in 30 goals of forward «zenita» separate 6 heads.

But instead of supporting fans in this desire, artem received only insults from the tribune. These statements that could be heard even on the other side of the screen, sharply condemned stanislav cherchesov after the match. He reminded that jüba – captain that he fulfilled all premature installations and it will remain on the conscience of fans.

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Forward spent on the field all 90 minutes and looked really well, having learned in a scoring goal, but never noticeing as a result of his. Instead, five different footballers were noted in russia. For three balls for the national team became debut. Speech about kuzyaev, petrov and comlichenko.

The latter after his successful speech in the czech championship has long been a favorite of many fans, but stanislav cherchesov did not hurry to let him down on the field. Perhaps the scored goal will make the mentor reconsider its attitude towards the rising pupil «krasnodar».

On the achievements of nikolai comlianko, we wrote in a separate material.


If we talk about the match as a whole, russia did not leave any chance to his opponents: 82% of the time owned the ball, caused 25 strikes, made 4 times more gears with an accuracy of 88%. According to the results of the qualifications, the national team deservedly took second place in the group, twice losing belgians, and all the other matches winning.

Total table

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