Russia Is Removed For 4 Years From The Sport: The Decision Is Made Unanimously

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April 25, 2022
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After the long monhs of wada proceedings made a decision on the next serious violation of the doping rules on the part of rusada, the ministry of sports of the country and the metropolitan laboratory.


Who, where and why removed russia: the final decision was made unanimously

Few people expected to relocate the national team from turnaments, despite the radical recommendations of the wada commission. Today at the meeting of the executive committee finally decided how to punish russia for numerones disorders and manipulations.

Recall that the main reason for the databas in the database who who were checal athletes who were checked by international experts. This procedure was part of the restoration of rusada, which was denied in the appropriate status 10 times.

Also, few people might think that the russian agency would not just not restore, but also punish the whole country. In our separate material, we told about the violations themselves in more detail.

The fact that the russian national team was removed from the international competition for a period of four years, affects the olympics and specialized world or european championships. But that is not all:

  • Rf cannot organize international rank turnaments;
  • Local officials are not allowed to attend the aforementioned competitions;
  • Russia is obliged to pay a cash fine;
  • Neutral status will be able to get some russian athletes;
  • Sanctions do not belong to the european football championship and champions league final.
  • ⚡️ wada’s executive committee decided that on the nearest oi, world cup, paralympiad, only pure russian athletes will perform under a neutral flag without a hymn — rusada

    — rt in russian (@rt_russian)
    december 9, 2019.

For 21 days, russia has the right to appeal. Given the severity of the country’s violations and a unanimously adopted wada decision on removal – appeal is hardly helped, but certainly you need to try.

Rusada will decide on agreement with wada prescription within 10 days pic.Twitter.Com / mxvqtg7dgq

— skandals in sports (@se_scandals)

december 9, 2019.

In a sectial article we explained why the sanctions of the world agency will not tone football tournaments.

Note that neutral status should also be selected, since most members of the commission were against the admission of russians to competitions even without flag.

We previously told what «act roddenkov» and how does it affect the reception of doping athletes.

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