Russia’S Efforts To Combat Piracy Affected The 1xbet Betting Operator Traffic

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April 25, 2022
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The authorities of the russian federation hold a targeted fight against online platforms that distribute pirate video content. Due to stripping bookmakers advertising their services through this communication channel, depriving the audience.

Russia's efforts to combat piracy affected the 1xbet betting operator traffic

Vadim subbotin, deputy head of roskomnadzor, in dealing with agency journalist «interfax» he stated that the joint efforts of the government and copyright holders with the support of russian telecommunication giants allowed to remove 1.4 million pirated links from search results.

The term of the agreement, on the basis of which the joint actions of the three structures were carried out, expired on october 31. However, last month the government announced that it plans to consolidate the cooperation of instances at the legislative level. According to journalists, the 1xbet betting operator can seriously suffer from decisive actions of the authorities.

The blacklist of roskomnadzor contains 1797 options for the operator domain. The company is also one of the largest video recorders in the russian federation. It is also known for sewing advertising in video posted on pirate sites.

According to current information, the number of traffic 1xbet ranks sixth among russian users. Interesting dynamics of reducing operator traffic: to the active stage of fighting pirated content traffic 1xbet for several months, 10 million users were calculated in a row, after it was reduced to 3 million.

Interesting the dynamics of reducing operator traffic

November figures indicate that this trend is preserved. In addition, attendance indicators decreased by 70% compared to the same period last year. Despite the fact that many betting operators suffered from stripping pirated sites, such a large failure in traffic is observed only at 1xbet.

Presumably, the situation is only aggravated against the background of the fact that the federal antimonopoly service of russia (fas) recently imposed on «yandex» fine in the amount of 100 thousand. Rubles ($ 1420). The reason for the introduction of penalty stations was the fact that the search engine replaced the remote results with links to 1xbet. We are talking about forbidden in the territory of the state advertising of gambling.

Recall that 1xbet was fined with a dutch gambling regulator on €400 thousand.

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