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March 3, 2022
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On tuesday, june 11, as part of the qualifications for euro-2020 in nizhny novgorod, a match between the national teams of russia and cyprus will be held.

Content: 1. Russia will not allow themselves to relax2. Cyprus knows how to argue3. Forecast of bookmakers on the match russia – cyprus3.One. Bwin coefficients.Ru3.2. Bc coefficients «league rates»

bk "league rates"

National teams have no long history of confrontation. Teams in the whole history met each other three times. However. It was in 1997 during the qualifying matches to the world cup in france. Homemaking in moscow football players then under the leadership of ignatiev won defeat – 4: 0, but the departure graduated with a draw 1: 1. In many respects, this draw did not allowe the russians to take the first place and get to the mundial.

See the duel between the teams of russia and cyprus will be on «channel one». The start of the broadcast is scheduled at 21:45 moscow time.

Russia will not allow themselves to relax

Mondering 1997, it becomes clear why stanislav salamovich in an interview thickens paints and calls for fans not to argue about light glasses in games with san marino and cyprus. Internationaly solves a lot of concentration, the loss of which leads to the loss of glasses. Themselves who did not have enough a bit to celebrate the swedes in kaliningrad and eventually go to the division a league of nations.

And so russia, of course, is obliged to take his three points, despite the fact that cypriots are very good lately.

Read the request of russia for the upcoming game can be in our special material.

Cyprus knows how to argue

If you think the match with cyprus – these are guaranteed three points, you haven’t care about football for a long time. Of course, the average level of players of the russian national team is higher thant of cypriots. But it does not prevent them from beating san marino with a score of 5: 0, win slovenia and serious bosnia. Island state team consists of the apoel players who regularly play in european cups (special connoisseurs remember how cypriots have traveled 7 years ago to 1/4 of the champions league finals).

And, although almost none of the current national team playing the clubs from the top 5 league of europe, each of them is still a professional football, capable and circulating, and give the transfer and score. It should be understood that the current trends are such that in football seriously rises the average level of players and the national identity is erased, and therefore cyprus will gripe and can do it quite successfully.

We leave for the pre-original training!
Thanks for attention ????????⚽???? Pic.Twitter.Com / t3hjdtonvr

— russian national team (@teamrussia)
june 7, 2019.

Forecast of bookmakers on the match russia – cyprus

Experts, of course, are unanimously confident that in the duel russia – cyprus is the owners that will be real favorites. Taking into account the need to type glasses in order to keep up with belgium, stanislav salamovich is unlikely to experiment with the composition and will release its best and proven fighters. Adds confidence in the game of russ in front of their fans, and remembering the charge of players of the national team on the home world cup, we should not expect relaxation from thatm.

While the team went to international competitions, their changes occur in the rfpl. So, «ruby» left the man who made him great, – kurban berdiev. You can read more about about this in a separate material.

Bwin coefficients.Ru

  • Russia – one.28;
  • Cyprus – eleven.0;
  • Draw – five.0.

Bc coefficients «league rates»

  • Russia – one.25;
  • Cyprus – 12.Five;
  • Draw – 6.0.

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