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January 12, 2022
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On january 1, 2019, the lottery №1264 draw will take place «russian lotto» «billion for the new year». Determine the winner will be live.

Russia will play 1 billion rubles in the lottery

Prize foundation in category «jackpot» will be 1 billion rubles. If there are several applicants for winning, then the sum of the prize will be divided between them equally.

If category «jackpot» edition № 1264 will remain without a winner, then the prize fund will be played within «second round». In the event that several players become the winners here, the prize fund will also be divided between them.

However, besides the main prize, another 100 people can win on a million rubles. After the main prize is played, an additional draw will take place, whose participants have a chance to win a total of 100 million rubles. The cost of one lottery ticket for participation in the draw – 150 rubles.

New year’s eve 2018 was played between several winners: one of them was fortunate enough to win 250 million rubles and another 40 received country houses equivalent to 1 million rubles. The minimum prize of last year’s lottery amounted to 101 ruble.

Recall that belgian won €107 million in the european lottery euromillions.

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