Russian Authorities Will Control The “Regulatory Guillotine” Process

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April 22, 2022
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The governments of the russian federation developed a bill created in connection with the scheduled launch «regulatory guillotine». The document is designed to reduce administrative requirements, including to the subjects of gambling business.

Russian AUTHORITIES WILL Control The'regulatory guillotine' process

Also, the draft law is aimed at clarifying the requirements, objectives and principles for the development of these requirements, as well as the clarification of the the principle and authority to establish requirements regarding the activities of gembling. The bill provides that in the course of the creation of draft regulations in which basic requirements are also spelled out, their public discussion was conducted.

Perhaps the adoption of the legal regimes of the experimental format in order to establish suitable methods of regulation and to implement the analysis of possible risks that could harm the values ​​that the law protects. The essence of experimental legal regimes is partial or complete refusal to implement mandatory requirements or in the weakening of the number of responsibilities. During a meeting of the government of the russian federation on november 28 of this year, the bill was approved.

Recall, in slovakia, the local monopoly gembling operator fell under a special supervision of the regulator.

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