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March 9, 2022
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Famous football players and idols of the fans of the russian national team alexander golovin, alexey ionov and mario fernandez demonstrated their victory dancing. You can enjoy the action by looking at the viral roller from «fonbet».

Russian bookmaker organizes FUNBETDANCE CHALLENGE

To participate in the competition, you need to show your own winner dance – rent on video and publish in instagram with hashteg #funbetdance. Thus, the video user automatically becomes a participant in a weekly prize draw.

The names of the three best dancers will be published every week, throughout the summer on the official website of the bookmaker. Winners of weekly tournaments will receive a special prize.

The choice of the winner will be carried out by a special jury, one of whose members will be the famous blogger. He will also support the mass event and will demonstrate his own victorious dance.

Recall that the bookmaker company «fonbet» headed the rating of the sports rates industry in 2018.

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