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April 4, 2022
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Bets «league rates» supported russian rugby federation (frar). The solemn ceremony of signing a long-term sponsorship was held last wednesday, september 4. This event occurred on the eve of the beginning of the rugby world championships in japan.

Russian Bookmaker - Rugby Fedation Partner

The amount of the contract amounted to 500 million rubles. Term – until 2024. When signing, the director-general, chairman of the rugby federation of russia, stanislav druzhinin, and the president of the bookmaker company «league rates» yuri krasovsky.

According to the terms of the conteive, the bettiny of the title parter of the frr club competitions. «League rates» posted by your logo on the form of the bc will appear in the name of all competitions.

According to krasovsky, this type of sport in russia has great potential, and the bookmaker company «league rates» ready to help in its development.

In turn, druzhinin said that today the frr has several joint projects with the company «league rates». In his opinion, two organizations will be able to find a lot «points of contact» in work.

In the framework of the solemn ceremony after signing the contract, a presentation of the new form of athletes, as well as a new rugby anthem. Bk «league rates» took an active part in its creation.

Previously, the sectoral expert nicholas oganezov expressed the opinion regarding the intestanions of the russian government to prohibit bids for cyberport.

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