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January 30, 2023
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Russian online bookmakers collided with this «civil war» because of the government’s attempts to eliminate self-regulatory organizations (sro).

Russian Bookmakers Disagree on the Liquidation of sro
Content: 1. Opinion yuri krasovsky – present bk «league rates» and the first sro2. Nikolai oganezov, one of the leaders of the russian betting industry3. Konstantin makarov, president bingoboom

This week, the russian regulated online betting market has become one of the main items of discussion for industry experts. This happened after the ministry of economic developed of the russian federation announced that the draft law was preparing to liquidate three sro – two representatives of bookmakers and one tote, which were created several years ago, when regulated online marketing market.

Sro played an important role in creating two centralized payment centers, known as the cupis, through which all transactions in rates must be held in accordance with russian legislation. But now, when these systems are implemented, the government claims that the sro duplicate the functions of the federal tax service.

Opinion yuri krasovsky – president bk «league rates» and the first sro

On friday, december 7, yuri krasovsky, president of the russian bookmaker office «league rates», as well as the first sro of russian bookmakers, said that the government plan on the cancellation of the sro was «strange initiative» and the rationale for this step does not seem to representatives of sro real and objective.

Krasovsky noted that in 2014 russian licensed bookmakers controlled only 20% of online markets market. But since then, this figure has increased to 60%, which is a direct result of sro. Krasovsky also suggested that the efforts to cancel the sro may be encouraged by bookmakers in the black market because illegal business begins «torn».

The head of the sro last week wrote an article in which he noted that the government’s own plan to create a national register of self-slippers for problem players requires that these players register in sro. He also said that non-profit associations played a key role in consideration of complaints of customers of individual bookmakers and ensuring that sports organizations receive appropriate deductions from rates.

Nicholas oganezov, one of the leading figures of the russian betting industry

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia

Nikolay oganezov, chairman of the bookmaker subcommittee of the chamber of commerce and industry of russia, said that the cancel sro would bring «chaos» to the russian rates. In his opinion, there is no other proposed model for consolidating bookmakers and mechanism for implementing and control over interactive rates.

Konstantin makarov, president bingoboom

However, konstantin makarov, president of the bingoboom russian bookmakers and chairman of the competed sro bookmakers, adheres to the opposite point of view. According to him, the efficiency of sro, including as an industry regulator, incomprehensible. If the governments continues its policies to dissolve sro, bingo boom will support this decision.

The being to hold another hearing at the beginning of the new year, within which the issue of sro with legislators, industry leaders, central bank of russia and other government agencies will be discussed.

Recall: the initiator of the discussion of the topic of existence of the sro became the depeuty andrei lugovoy.

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