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August 3, 2022
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Another victory of cybersports in the russian federation: the boxing federation together with the united professional sports league will hold matches on boxing simulators. Bookmakers have already gathered to open the corresponding lines for gambling. Is there any interest in boxing? On our site you will find accurate forecasts for boxing from professionals for fans of sports!

Russian bookmakers open the lines of cyberbox

Competitives will conduct battles in taitlah such as fight night champion and fight night round 4, and the number of matches will reach half-one per day. Each battle will last only one round, so the bookmaker will occur very quickly. Platform for holding tournaments will be sportgamestv.

Russian bc take rates on online sports from the mid-2010, now it is represented by classical disciplines: football, basketball, hockey. Now cyberbox will be added to them. According to the representatives of the federation, it should popularize fighter sports among youth. This writes the publication «russian monitor».

Meanwhile, fifa 2022 lost the premier league of the russian federation – organization takes «break». Rpl decides with whom the giants of football simulators will conclude a contract – with ea, which represents fifa, or with konami with its efootball (new talestell pro evolution soccer). To determine the partner of the league promises until the end of this year. Reports about it championat.Ru.

Other cybersport news concern the arctic cyber ​​games regional championship, which unites the players of the polar region. The organizers decided on the disciplines that will be present in the second season of the tournament – this is battle piano pubg and tank battle simulator wot. So reports the nord-news news agency, referring to the statement of the ministry of sports in his department in the murmansk region.

The tournament itself will be held from 10 to 11 august, it will be available to all wishing to the gamers of 14 years, among the prizes – certificates for sporting goods. The second season acg has launched due to the popularity of the first part of the event.

Celebrate covers more and more spheres in russia – so, in a short time, the industry cybersuary between representatives of banks, it company and the communications sphere will be held.

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