Russian Bookmakers Want To Revise The Payout System

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April 13, 2022
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Bookmakers offer the transition initiative to the centralized collection of targeted deductions. The experts told about this in the comments «rating bookmakers».

Russian Bookmakers Want to Revise The Payout System

A proposal to change the current payment system made by konstantin makarov, president of the bc «bingo-boom». According to him, the centralized collection will help to increase the amount of payments by the species of sports, for which bookmakers conclude a smaller part of the transactions.

Also nicholas oganezov, chairman of the subcommittee of the cci of the russian federation and the representative of the bc «betsyty», as the motive of the proposed option for collecting deductions and a more transparenties system of administering these contributions to. The current payment system is poured for bookmakers to increase the deductions in exchange for signing an additional agreement.

Mikhail degtyarev, head of the state duma committee on sport, emphasizes not at administration, but on establishing more fair payments. In his opinion, distribution in the amount of 20% for children-youth sports is not enough. The proportion of 20 to 80% was established to increase the motivation of leagues and federalations. To date, such a proportion can be revised.

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