Russian Figure Skating Championship: Cosovna May Not Speak At The National Start

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April 27, 2022
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Gold medalist grand prix in turin alena costorna may not speak at the russian championship. This is more and more likely to tell a variety of insiders, and the athlete itself «pretchla» in social networks. What is aware of the situation and what threatens the failure of alena to perform in the tournament – in our material.

Russian figure skating championship: Cosovna may not speak at the national start

Cosatian speech at the championship under threat

In the 2019/2020 season, the figure skater alain kosotnaya conquered the whole world with his triumphs on the challenger and the two stages of the grand prix, establishing absolute world records. After the qualifications of the girl in the final, few people expected that it was her who of the three wards tutberidze would be able to update his own record and defeat the debut season.

We were talking about the success of alena kosostna this season in a special article in more detail.

After such a spectacular path, everyone expected to see alena at the russian championships, and after – in the ranks of the national team at the european championship. However, participation in the last two tournaments under threat.

In its own telegram-channel, a journalist and insider vasily konov devoted the post of this situation, noting that all information is available only at rumors level.

Insider noted that there is no first day about this, but there were no official statements yet. It is expected that tomorrow, december 25, will be announced the further fate of the cososphere at championships.

On the victory of alena in turin, we wrote in more detail in our separate material.

Specific reason is not called, but the lack of alena may force the federation to revise the composition of the european championship. In the example, the journalist brought hit from the first two places to the panties and shcherbakova, and from the third – medvedeva or tuktamysheva.


Also, the insider reminded that after the final of the grand prix, who won alain kosostna, about the training of the figure skater is absolutely nothing known. On social networks, the champion also calm – more than 10 days she did not share any news or photographs.

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