Russian Rocket Coward Adopts Congratulations On The Day Of Cosmonautics

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May 18, 2022
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Skating alexandra podovoye – something new for skating global scale. The 15-year-old russian woman became the author of the main records in figure skating. Thanks to this, the figure skater received a nickname that binds her on the day of cosmonautics.

Russian rocket Coward adopts congratulations on the day of cosmonautics

The figure skater alexander trusov became «russian rocket» thanks to achievements in sports

On the social network page «instagram» the figure skater alexander trusov published an unusual post, congratulating subscribers on the day of cosmonautics. This holiday is celebrated in the post-soviet countries since the flight of yuri gagarin in 1961, and in 2011 the un officially announced on april 12 by the international flight day in space.

Subscribers alexandra podovoy confidence: cosmonautics day – professional holiday of the russian figure skater. The fact is that the 15-year-old athlete became the author of a set of records in skating sports, three of which directly concern four jumps.

In our special material, we talked about the training session alexandra podovoy, during which an athlete practices elements from figure skating on roller skates.

To sasha, none figure skater in the world in the entire history of sports did not fulfill four tulup, lutz and flip. However, the figure strike in this field among women was the figure skater of mika ando, ​​which in 2002 demonstrated a quadruple salov.

For their achievements, the 15-year russian woman received world recognition, and the faithful fans of the figure skater nicknamed her «russian rocket». Alexandra herself has big ambitions for the the future in sports that we told in another article.

15-year old figure skater published a post in his own «instagram», congratulating subscribers happy cosmonautics day. The girl attached to the record photo on which she herself and her brothers depicted a rocket against the background of space.

Figure’s subscribers congratulated the trusers on the day of astronautics, wishing the 15-year old athlete more thanne again «space» difficult and previously no one sucked jumps. Some follovier steated that space – this is the element of the figure skater.

Earlier, we we wrote about the last interview with alexandra podovoy, in which the athlete spoke in the address evgenia medvedeva.

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