Russians Accuse The Stoloto Operator In Falsification Of Winnings

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June 29, 2022
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Residents of russia are preparing a massive claim against the lottery operator «stoloto». The author of the petition anna yavorskaya claims that as soon as the removed direct broadcasts, the frequency of winnings and the amount of cash prizes decreased sharply. This is reported on the canal website «ren tv».

Russians Accuse the Stoloto Operator in Falsification of Winnings

Anna yavorskaya says that after watching the broadcast it becomes obvious that the lottery can issue the desired combination of numbers, leaving the player in the loss. Director of montage channel «ren tv» alexey tkachev declares that if necessary, the organizers can falsify the data and leave it unnoticed viewers.

Channel journalists conducted their own investigation. Christina girl told that she sport about 50 thousand on lottery tickets. Rub., however, to win a solid kush she failed. Maximum winnings amounted to 2 140 rubles., basically prizes were 100-200 rubles. Christina — not the first lottery participant, who believees that his own failures are associated with a trailers: «the numbers indicated by me are recorded in the e-database. But it is completely unknown how further this information is used».

Member of the public chamber of the russian federation pavel sychev argues that to win the online lottery – impossible. However, at the same time, the organizers of the lotteries have large debts. Today at the operator «stoloto» filed claims in the amount of 4 billion rubles.

Note: lottery operator «stoloto» has lottery ticket reception items, provides online services through mobile applications. The founder of the company is andrei sargsyan, but it does not give public comments on the claimed claim.

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