Safonov Brought The Victory To “Krasnodar”, Without Scoring His Heads: At Once Two Series Were Interrupted

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April 14, 2022
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On thursday, october 25, turkish «trabzonspor» accepted «krasnodar» in your field within the europa league. The russians were not favorites of this meeting, but in the end the got a complex victory. Read more in our material.

Safonov Brought The Victory To'Krasnodar', without scoring his heads: at once two series were interrupted

Matvey safonov reheated the game

Russian clubs in the europa league seriously upset their fans. The most offensive as cska, and «krasnodar» show predominantly bright and competitive game, but here the results are depressing. With understated expectations «bulls» and went to turkey. It seeemed that chances «black and green» not very big, because the turks showed a good series of six matches worthout defeat.

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But, from the first minutes, the guests searched the advantage. So the longest half of the first half lasted, after which the hosts were intercepted by the initiative and the game had to include matvey safonov. Young goalkeeper acted confidently and once again forced her fans to think about why he still did not play for the russian national team. In fact, several excellent savors have become key and allowed «krasnodar» leave the gate in dryness and keep the first half.

Matvey safonov – number one in dream team week in # ligaurope [email protected]_rup pic.Twitter.Com / 34oe1y74ql

— fckrasnodar (@fckrasnodar)
october 25, 2019

At the beginning of the second «bulls» the gate of the turks began to storm the goal. This naval ended with the taking of the gate, distinguished himself often criticized marcus berg. After that, the guests again gave the initiative «trabzonospor», but the could not do anything with her. Defense reliably played or matvey. And in the end and at all «krasnodar» the efforts of ari and vilen scored the second. As a result – the first victory of russians in this draw, which allowed them to rise and again opened the prospect of entering the playl.

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Winners ???????? ⠀ p. S. And let the towel are not in color ???? ⠀ # trabzorosovskrodarodar # ligauropean # le # forward bed #foot

Publication from fc krasnodar / fc krasnodar (@fckrasnodar 24 oct 2019 at 2:09 pdt

The next game will be held again against the turkish club on november 7, but this time «krasnodar» will play at home. From the first place the team is separated only 4 points and from the second – 3. Such a backlog is quite realistic to play for the remaining matches.

Dressing room «bykov» after the victory in trabzon, or where did the black sea towel come from ????# trabzorovskrodrodar # le # ligaucarope # front pic.Twitter.Com / swcd23ktn3

— fckrasnodar (@fckrasnodar)
october 25, 2019

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