Saipan Is Preparing To Licensing New Janquet Operators

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February 2, 2022
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Edward deleon gerrero, executive director commission commission for igornia in saipan, said that the regulator does not intend to limit the number of janquet operators, which are allowed to work on saipan.

Saipan is preparing to licensing new janquet operators

The main island of the commonwealth of the northern mariana islands issued an exclusive casino license to the gambling-investor division imperial pacific international holdings ltd.

Gerrero made such comments last friday. «We are not going to limit the number of janquet operators», – reported official.

During the meeting, the commission statedt that it licensed three new dzhanket operators for doing business with imperial pacific international (cnmi) llc, an operating division of a casino-company registered in hong kong. Firm starting gambling activities in july 2017 on imperial pacific resort. Previously, it was a temporary center best sunshine live.

According to the local media saipan tribune, the commissioning provided temporary licenses to three dzhanket operators – bula mula llc, high tides llc and stellar paradise llc.

Germero also steated that three of these operators must meet additional requirements to start work.

«We are still working with them to get the necessary documents, but they already have a license. Last week, we have concluded a final agreement between imperial pacific and these gianket operators», – noted official.

At the friday meeting, gerrero said that at present, the commission checks four more market operators by adding that the regulatory authority will continue to accept applications.

It has previously known that the imperial pacific resort will be erected on time, despite the lack of labor. This was stated by the company’s management at the end of last monh.

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