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April 13, 2022
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The Volume of Chinese Lotteries Decreased Due To A Pandemic

Sales of chinese leotteries in 2020 decreased by 20.8% to 333.95 billion yuan ($ 51.52 billion) after the recession of activity in the first quarter, when the country struggled with the new coronavirus (covid-19).

This amount amounted to 144.48 billion yuan from a charity lottery, which is 24.5% less. The contribution of the sports lottery fell by 17.9% to 189.64 billion yuan. The overwhelming majority of revenues from the charity lottery fell on digital lotteries that brought 122.14 billion yuan, which is 7.5% less. Games with instant winnings turned out to be more stable, brought 14.64 billion yuan, which is only 2.1% less than in 2019, while the keno revenue has grown, despite the consequency of the pandemic, up to 910.9 million yuan.

However, due to a long closure, the revenue from the video gallery dropped sharply: vertically brought only 679.3 million yuan, which is 84.8% less.

In terms of income from sports lottery games, the numbers were the main part of the income, since sales in this vertical rose by 4.7% by 99.77 billion yuan. Then they followed the sport rates, which brought 74.92 billion yuan, but decreased by 38.6%.

Meanwhile, sales of games with instant winnings amounted to 14.77 billion yuan, which is 8.7% more. Sales of video sports lotteries, which have always made only a minor contribution to the total sales, fell by 38.9% to 1.5 million yuan.

The decline occurred mainly due to low indicators in the first half of the year closed to limit the spread of the virus. In february, sales reached a minimum – 1.3 million yuan.

If we consider only decepthe, the revenue was 36.51 billion yuan, which is 11.8% less, but is the highest monthly indicator for the year.

Sales of the charity lottery amounted to 15.27 billion yuan, and the sales of sports lottery – 18.95 billion yuan.

As part of a charity lottery, numerical games brought 13.38 billion yuan, games with instant winnings – 1.46 billion yuan and 427.5 million yuan in keno, which is a record for vertical. However, the video lottery terminals were closed, and therefore sales did not go.

Sports lottery lead numeric games with 9.92 billion yuan. Sport rates were close to 9.79 billion, while games with instant winnings brought 1.65 billion yuan. The total sales of the video lottery amounted to 140,000 yuan.

Lottery in china will soon undergo major changes, since the chinese government announced in october 2020 that the lottery will no longer be able to sell high frequency games or games with a rapid draw.

Provincial lotteries were limited to the offer of only one high-frequency game from november 1, 2020, and after the new year holidays of february, the games will be completely canceled.

Source: edition igaming business

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