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January 20, 2022
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Sales of lotteries in china rose on one fifth in 2018. This hapaned thanks to the world cup.

Sales of the Chinese Lottery Demonstrate Growth

On friday, the ministry of finance of china unveild official data on lotteries for december 2018. It is reported that the total sales increased by 8.4% and amouunted to 43 billion yuan ($ 6.4 billion). The growth was due to the demand for a sports lottery, selling which increased by 17.8% and amounted to 22.4 billion yuan. Previously, leadership positions in the segment belonged to a charitable lottery. However, this type of fun recorded a fall by 0.2% compared to 2017, and the income in december amounted to 20.6 billion yuan.

In general, for the year, sales increased by 19.9% and amounted to 511.5 billion yuan ($ 75.8 billion). The chinese fix the annual sales growth of the lottery for the third year in a row.

Sports lottery sales increased by almost 37% to 287 billion yuan, while sales of charity lotteries amount to 245.5 billion yuan, demonstrating more modest growth rates (3.Five%). For comparison: total sales in 2017 grew by 8% compared with 2016.

Previously, the sports lottery lagged significantly from the growth rate of the charity lottery. However, after the world cup in the summer of 2018, it began to dominate the market and kept the leading position even after the end of the competition.

Of the 34 administrative units of the prc level of the provinces 30 recorded the growth in demand for lottery tickets. The largest annual increase was marked in jiangsu – 9 billion yuan, the increase in zhejiang amounted to 8 billion yuan, and in shandong – 7.2 billion yuan.

State lottery operations in china – the only form of gambling allowed on the mainland. Due to the scandals associated with theft of funds, online operations were suspended indefinitely.

Recall that the regulation of chinase lotteries was changed in october 2018.

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