Samarine And Men’S Figure Skating Triumph: Results And Consequenes Of The Grand Prix In Moscow

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April 20, 2022
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Over the past figure skating have already spun with the thought that the ball right in this sport is women and not men. Figure skaters, in turn, performed unstable and more often upset. But the grand prix in moscow hope for changes.

Content: 1. For the first time since plushenko2. Men’s figure skating: russia, what’s next?

For the first time since plushenko

While the world argues whether evgeny medvedev will return to the lost leadership in figure skating and zagitova – cope with your colleagues on «crystal», nadezhda appeared in men’s figure skating. For the first time since yevgeny plushenko, the entire podium on the grand prix took russian. The last time this was in 1998. Moreover, he won at least one russian, tooo, long ago, 10 years ago, and the name of the winner again evgeny plushenko.

First place this time took alexander samarin, who this victory guaranteed his part in the final. This is the first success in the athlete career in the framework of the grand prix. Before that he could get only «bronze». The same season has already gave him first «silver» in france and now «gold» in moscow.

Second place was for dmitry aliyev. Twenty-year figure skater also holds a good season. Before that he has not yet occupied the places on the podium in adult riding. In the 2019/2020 season, he makes significant successes: first was «bronze» in the us, now «silver» in moscow. It gives him a good chance of hitting the final.

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Dear fans, subscribers, viewers rostelecom cup 2019, thank you very much with a low bow!???? Thanks for the faith and the warmth that you inspired us.???? You are very cool!!! Congratulations to our team with a good achievement, its coaches @olga_glinka @team_rukavitsin_official @molotovvalentin @andreiy_luka, also congratulations to my friend on the @makar_ignatov team with a successful debut at the first stage of the grand prix. Sasha samarina @alexander.Samarin with victory and decent ride!???? In general, the start turned out to be positive and interesting!????????????????We work further, i really want to please you want your programs! Thank you for being!!!️️ # rostelecomcup2019 #teamrukavicin

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The third place received makar ignatov. At the same time, he can even get into the final, if he deserves in japan. First place, taking into account the participation in the tournament, yudzur khan is unlikely to get him, but «silver» is quite real.

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Dear friends! I want to express great gratitude to all fans, all those who worked, sick and held us in every way! You are very cool, thanks for this atmosphere!!! Huge thanks to the entire coaching headquarters @team_rukavitsin_official, mitavitsan evgeny vladimirovich, @olga_glinka, @molotovvalentin, kashina galina valentinovna and coach on the ofp @andreiy_luka ???? Congratulations guys @dmitry_aliev ???? And @alexander.Samarin ???? Thank you all for this start!!! # rostelecomcup2019 # teamrukavitsin # teamrussia # figureskating

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Men’s figure skating: russia, what’s next?

Did you really need to talk about this success with confidence about the revival of competition in world sports from russian men? To some extent – yes. More precisely, the case is next. In russia, there are talented figure skaters, the same samarine, the same kovtun, who graduated from his career, what we wrote about in a separate material. Each of them was always next to the trophies. But, to surprise, the main problem was stability.

Fully russian podium gives hope that the skaters coped with pressure and were able to show their class. Of course, the final answer will give the whole season and first of all the final of the grand prix, to which samarine has already guaranteed himself. You should not also forget about the youthful youth, for example, the 14-year-old daniel samsonov, a rustling rustling in juniors.

On the record of daniel in a short program, we wrote in a separate article.

Previously, we wrote about the results of the moscow grand prix for evgenia medvedeva.

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