Sands China Mobile App Is Not Blocked By Chinese Authorities

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January 13, 2022
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Las vegas sands casino operator refutes media messages that the company’s mobile application has been prohibited by the chinase authorities.

Sands China Mobile App Is Not Blocked By Chinese Authorities

Last week, a bureau, controlling actions in cyberspace in the territory of the prc, announced a ban of 3,469 mobile applications, which contained pornography, illegal gambling and malicious programs. The list of departments emphasized that the dissemination of such information could cause serious harm to society and theraefore should be fully eradicated.

Among the applications that were prohibited, – for smartphones, in the title of which the chinese jeroglyph sands macao appears (澳门金沙). The same hieroglyph is also part of the name of one of the sands china casino, located in macau. The company really belongs the application «sands resorts macao», however, it is used to promote services that are not related to gambling, as the advertising of gambling on the territory of the mainland china is prohibited.

Sands china has published a statement in which all the company’s mobile applications are in free access for users and have not been prohibited because they fully comply with state regulations and standards.

Presumably the sands macao mobile application developer, which was forbidden, used the name of the sands brand without permission. Earlier, such situations have already happened. In august last year, china’s authorities declared illegal operations on a network related to the spread of gambling and the use of brands of macao casino trademarks, including sands china.

Despite the fact that the company makes efforts to combat fraud and defends its rights in court, in fact, to fulfill the court decisions are extremely difficult.

Note that measures taken with respect to mobile applications with inappropriate content followed the prescription of china’s supreme court to tighten the punishment for cybercrime. New guidelines for judges were also issued to ensure severe punishment for cybercrime and maintain safety on the network.

Recall that the chines lottery contines to gain popularity – the ministry of finance prc recorded another surge in sales in the territory of the mainland china.

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