Sarry Missed The Last Chance, And Guardiola Compared To Mourinho: The Results Of The Final

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January 31, 2022
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On sunday, february 24, the english ligine cup final was held «chelsea» and «manchester city». For 120 minutes, none of the teams distinguished himself with a scored nude, but players turned out to be the best in the penalty series «man city».

Sarry Missed The Last Chance, and Guardiola Compared to Mourinho: The Results of the Final
Content: 1. Nic «charrybol» performance «chelsea»2. Sarry lost not only the final: misunderstanding with kepoy3. Best league cup final player – zinchenko

According to the results of the match, three points were understood: sarry’s positions are not only in the team significantly loosened. More details – read further.

Nic «charrybol» performance «chelsea»

The main intrigue of the final was not only in the name of the winner team. All football lovers wondered if maurizio sarry would change their football philosophy for the possible victory. As the past meeting of the defeat as the teams ended «blue» from «citizens» with a score of 0: 6, «sarribar» while it works very badly against pepa. And the italian decided to play from defense, as he did in a victorious game for himself in decept.

Detailed analysis of record lesions «chelsea» you can read in ur material.

Eden azar took the defense consisted of their two tough lines, the pressure was not so active as the head coach usally requires «chelsea». As a result, – minimum moments in the first half and zeros on the scoreboard. I remember the time only for the funny artistic fall of the aguero on the first seconds of the match, and then – not ridiculous, but a beautiful taking a ball on the chest and the subsequent blow above the gate.

⏰ – 2 seconds on the clock and aguero hits the deck!

A coming together straight from kick-off!

Watch @chelseafc take on @mancity in the @carabao_cup live on sky sports football now! Https: // t.Co / chbdldzejq pic.Twitter.Com / zceu3lo5dw

— sky sports football (@skyfootball)
february 24, 2019.

In the second half, the situation has practically not changed. Only occasionally o «pensioners» it turned out to be off the counterattack, and «citizens» – build successfully offensive. As a result, – extra time and penalty. It is unlikely that this match liked the fans who were that evening at the stadium or the tv screens, since? Despite the status of the final, the spectacle was not particularly exciting. Brightly affairs on the field displays statistics. For 120 minutes of play «chelsea» caused seven blows (0 in the target), and «manchester city» – 13 (three in the target).

Sarry lost not only the final: misunderstanding with cup

Pressure on the trainer of the london club in the last month of colossal. And this final, apparently, will become the last duel in which maurizio occupies the role of the head coach «chelsea». Sarry could not adapt his philosophy to the realities of the british championship. More precisely: i did not want «fit», until the latter, trying to prove to all its success. But, as a result, – departure from the mj, failures in the submarine and now played the final «man city», although in him he moved away from his principles.

Apparently, it’s not only in the tactical reference of the italian. Sarry «larewe the locker room», otherwise, how to explain the incident with a goalkeeper team – kepoy arrisabalaga. Literally before a series of penalty mentor «blue» decided to replace the goalkeeper because of the fear that he was injured, but the most expensive goalkeeper in the world refused, in the coach, waving. As a result, this situation with the replacement was delayed, maurizio went out of himself and even went to the support room for a while, but in the end he returned, and kepa remained at the gate and even reflected one strike.

???? – have you ever seen anything like it!?

Maurizio sarri tries to substitute kepa arrizabalaga for willy caballero, but kepa refuses to come off and sarri is absolutely furious! ???? Pic.Twitter.Com / q81v6ry3kk

— sky sports football (@skyfootball)
february 24, 2019.

After the fight, of course, both participants explained it by misunderstanding. Arrisabálag assured that he did not question sarry’s decision doubt, but he tried to simply explain that with health everything is good and the replacement is not needed. The italian explained that he understood in everything whn information was transferred from the medical staff. Butt, no matter what the participants of the fact is evident. The coach decided to replace and the player refused to perform it. In general, the tactics change of kippers in front of the penalty series is quite common, and quite possible, the case was not at all in the injury of the spaniard, but in the fact that maurizio trusted him to change caballero (who previously played for «man city») more in the role of a penaltyist, but for sure we will not know.

As a result, – penalty account 4: 3 in favor of ms, which two years in a row mines throphy, beat london clubs.

Best league cup final player – zinchenko

Separately, i would like to mention and about another moment. The whoscored portal called the ex-player «ufa» and national team of ukraine alexander zinchenko the best player of the match by assessing his efforts by 8.3 points. The sessen of aspilicueta scored as much and the honorary title went to the ukrainian. For him, this is the third trophy, which he won in the english club t-shirt. Before that, there were a gold medal of the apl and the english league cup – 2018.

Best Player Final League Cup - Zinchenko

On wednesday «man city» to take on your field «west ham», but «chelsea» (perhaps no longer under the leadership of sarry) – in your field to resist «tottenham».

Earlier in the media as possible successors as a major coach called the names of gianfranco dzola, frank lampard and even leonid slutsky. More about the list of coaches – in our material.

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