Saul Alvarez Did Not Forgave The Ginger Of The Mockery Due To The Use Of Steroids

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July 22, 2022
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The highest paying boxer of modernity saul alvarez recalled the times of universal censure due to steroid history. At that time, he was preparing for revenche with gennady golovkin, who actively used this story against him. More details – fresh sports news.

Saul Alvarez did not forgave the ginger of the mockery due to the use of steroids

Fight golovkin alvarez: saul dreamed of smaking gennady face

Now saul alvares champion in several weight categories and one of the main stars of world boxing. But even recently, the whole world was unabled to him. The reason was to fall in the doping test on the eve of the response match with gennady golovkin. Clenbuterol was discovered in the boxer’s blood. For this he was disqualified for six months athletic commission. And his rival from kazakhstan all this time was actively relegated saul for the use of doping, giving an interview with the media and calling the mexican fraudster. Kanuel assured that steroids were in his blood due to meexican meat, which contains a certain proportion of this substance and did it unconsciously. In a recent interview with gramie bensinger alvarez recalled this period of life he described as «very heavy».

«I had very difficult months, because i was accused of called doping, and it was not doping», – alvares told alvarez.

Saul Alvarez

Source: instagram.Com / canelo

Saul again remembered the story was his use in his native mexico that was the proason for the increased content of the. According to alvares, after his case, anti-doping services revised the attitude towards the klenbuterol, increasing the permissible level of its blood content.

«What happened was not steroids. They are not listed in the catalog as steids. After what happened to me, the made it legal, now the percentage percentage», – explained kaloe.

Boxer Saul Alvarez

Source: instagram.Com / canelo

Mexican talked about his setting and desire to defeat golovkin, who at this time actively fueled in the media hatred for the boxer.

«I think i never showed disrespect for my rivals or the like, because you always need to treat them with respect. But he (golkun – red.) was one of those who i most wanted to demolish my head», – said saul.

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And alvarez succeeded – in the response duel, he was really better than ggg, which was also proved by the decision of judges. After that, about the incident with steroids almost forgotten, and saul’s career went up sharply. Then he entered into a record agreement with the dazn braming platform, with which he had already managed to break the contract, however, as with his promoter oscar de la hoya.

Now saul alvarez – boxer who has achieved greatness that allows him to dictate its conditions. In his skill of doubts, no one has no one, because the fighter won the champion titles in different weight categories.

The closest way to the ring at the mexican boxing star is scheduled for may 8. His opponent will be joe sanders, who owns the wbo title in the second middleweight. In the asset of alvarez wbc belt, wba super and the ring in the same weight.

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