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February 14, 2022
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Last week, the sports betting east africa + 2019 event took place, which united the representatives of the industry from the entire continent to analyze the wide opportunities and difficulties of work on the gamering market of east africa.

SBEA + 2019: Results of the Event
Content: 1. First day2 day. Day second3. 2020th and further

The first day

The first day began of the introductory word chairman of the ivent judith kiragu. As part of the national igor commission, uganda edgar agaba highlighted the issue of negaba highlighted the issue of negative perception of gemina to a certain part of the population of east africa. He also noted that the discrepancy between the requiements, illegal activities and the weak maintenance of social responsibility standarsible and the system of responsible gambling – all this creates a negative image for the industry.

Then the regulators of east africa discussed the latest legislative changes. Uganda and tanzania agreed to politics, in accordance with which regulatory harmonization is needed in the near future to simplify the investment process for foreign investors. As part of the discussion, operators expressed their concern regarding the high tax rate, ban on subscription and age limitations.

After lunch, visitors listened to the performance of nadzhiba balinti on how to translate sports betting in a casino. The main conclusion: the introduction of sports betting in the casino will be able to hold the players longer and provide them with more opportunities to win money to stay in this institution. Then lasha gogiberidze spoke about the main obstacles to enter the african market: regulation, culture, infrastructure and products.

In the end of the day, non-metoging-events were held, whose sponsors were made by digitain and jim’s poker room.

Second day

Second Day

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During the second day, technical and operational difficulties in the east african market were discussed. Affiliates and operators discussed key differences between partners and agents, resulting in agreed that both parties are efficective in various business models and markets. The experts of the casino and sports betting sector discussed the risks and remuneration of vip-players. They concluded that it was unprofitable to cover all costs associated with finding vip-players in the territory of gambling. That is why the reward system – the most efficient option.

Catarina marquez from clever advertising introduced the audience key principles for creating a brand in the sports betting sector. The main conclusion was as followows: brand – this is not what you talk about your company, but how players perceive your company.

The software providers and operators discussed the pros and cons of collaboratics and multicinality. Obernality simplifies life to customers, as this is one account with all finance, online or ground, while multicactivity is more beneficial to operators, because it provides simplicity in tracking data on the results between online and ground operations. In addition, providers discussed ways to modernize products for african millenila.

2020th and further

Now eventus international intends to provide even more fascinating content for all interesting industry representatives. After a few months, the company will return to eastern africa to carry out a deep study and create content for the sports betting east africa event in 2020.

Earlier, experts read the gemina sector africa brilliant perspectives in 2019.

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