Sberbank “Daughter” Will Develop Its Own Gaming Direction

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July 22, 2022
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Sberbank controlled by sberbank «sacking» announced the launch of the gaming direction – «summaries», work on the formation of which should start this year. The most popular games for android are looking for reference.

Sberbank'daughter' will develop its own gaming direction

The curator and head of the new direction will be the founder of the company game insight alice chumachenko. The entrepreneur has a tremendous experience in the game industry, and a few years ago she entered the rating of 25 richest women in russia according to forbes magazine.

As part of the development of a new direction in plans «sber» the creation of its own studio internal development, producer center and publishing house, as well as other services related to the topic of games.

For the purpose of a more thorough development of the new direction «sber» can buy gosu data la, the founder of which is also alice chumachenko. Negotiations are underway on this.

Gosu activities are focused on developing a voice assistant for players, as well as platforms for analyzing game data. After the conclusion of all the necessary agreements and agreements agreements, gosu data la will be implemented in the game direction «sber».

Games during the digitalization of the business are the engine of innovation, so today’s investment in the gaming industry – logical and timely step for the development of the company, the release says «sber».

The company also pointed out a large export capacity from russian games that are popular far beyond the internal gamering market.

The new team will create high quality games that will conquer a multi-million audience, and the leader of the russian market.

We add that the game market is growing every day both in russia and in the world as a whole. In particular, the russian company mail.Ru group in his report for the the the therst quarter of this year pointed to the growth of revenue from my.Games by 42.2% – up to 11 billion rubles. The playing direction accounted for 39% of the total revenue of the russian group.

If we talk about the global market of games, then newzoo data indicate that last year it was estimated at $ 174.9 billion. It its expected that in two years its volume will grow to $ 217.9 billion.

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