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January 17, 2022
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Scientific games corporation announced that it was decided to expand her headquarters of the lottery group in alpharette, georgia. Thus, more than 100 vacancies covering a wide range of positions: from working personnel (packaging, delivery) to sellers, crm, managers and accountants.

"Since our lottery customers in some regions are experiencing rapid growth, we can offer many jobs," said erik evald, vice president of lottery human resourses in scientfic games. "We are looking for new qualified team members who will be able to support our values ​​and team spirit to join our organization. Scientific games is an excellent company, and we continue to flourish even in these difficult times.

Scientfic games headquarters is located in las vegas, and the headquarters of the global lottery group scientific games is located in alfarette, virginia.

Currently, most of the 9400 employees of scientific games worldwide work remotellion and technologies. Scientific games provides games, technology and services more than 150 lottery worldwide, including almost all lottery north america.

"In scientific games, a qualified professional can make a very successful career," said evald. "We are a diverse, equal and inclusive employer and many members of our team worked here for quite many years.".

Source: official site scientific games

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