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January 30, 2023
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On tuesday will be held the final match of the group stage of the 2018/2019 champions league between «schalke» and «locomotive». Only in the case of his victory and loss of glasses «galatasaray» moscow club can continue speaking in the europa league.

Content: 1. Match «schalke» – «locomotive» will be held in gelsenkirchen december 112. «Locomotive» need only victory3. «Schalke» i decided the issue with access to the playoff4. «Schalke» – «locomotive»: forecast bookmakers on the match4.One. Bwin coefficients.Ru4.2. Bc coefficients «league rates»
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lokomotiv russia

bk "league rates"

Match «schalke» – «locomotive» will be held in gelsenkirchen on december 11

The last bout of the lc group stage in group d between «schalke» and «locomotive» will be held on tuesday, december 11, in gelsenkirchen at the stadium «felt arena» capacity 62 271 people. The last meeting of the teams took place in moscow and ended with the victory of the german club with a score of 0: 1.

See match «schalke» – «locomotive» you can on the tv channel «match tv». The beginning of the broadcast is scheduled at 19:45 moscow time.

«Locomotive» we need only victory

Victory over «galatasaray» in the past round, the wards of yuri seminet returned to the game. Despite the fact that they continue to occupy the last place in the quartet and cannot claim to reach 1/8, they have a chance to finish the performance in third place and continue in european competition, but already in the europa league. However, for this «locomotive» we must win, and the turks – lose at home in the match with «port».

To do this «railwaymen» under power. Though «schalke» playing his match at home, he has already decided to go to the playoff tasks. In addition, the eve of the match with «loco» miners expects a fight with dortmund «borussia», after meeting with which there is a reson to take a rest to the leaders. In turn, muscovites will be most configured to take glasses.

«Schalke» i decided the issue with access to the playoffs

As already mentioned above, «blue» decided all their questions with the exit to the next stage from the second place. Too try for victory there is no different meaning except to please your fans because «port», what goes first, lagging in the whole five points.

This season, the team tedesco looks weaker than in the past. Mine of this, of course, the loss of several key players in the off-season. Now «miners» go to 12th place and lag behind «borussia d» for 19 points. Therefore, the match with it on saturday for «schalke» more important thanf «loco» on tuesday.

«Schalke» – «locomotive»: forecast bookmakers on the match

Bookmakers believe that in the upcoming match «schalke» from «locomotive» more chances for winning the owners of the field.

Bwin coefficients.Ru

  • «Schalke» – one.Nine;
  • «Locomotive» – 4.0;
  • Draw – 3,4.

Bc coefficients «league rates»

  • «Schalke» – 2.One;
  • «Locomotive» – 3.75;
  • Draw – 3,4.

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