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July 12, 2022
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Recently, mage ismailov published the video of the improvised duel of views between him and alexander schemenko, which ended with the impetus «storm». Today «bald predator» published a continuation. Read more in fresh sport news.

SCHEMENKO - IsMailov: How Did The Sensational Video Ended

Schemenko – ismailov: boy should not be expected

While all the fans of the russian mma froze in anticipation of the battle of ismailov – mineev, who should take place in september 2021, the mage does not lose time in vain. Having received a huge bust of recognition and popularity after a confident victory over alexander emelyanenko (technical knockout in the third round), «bald predator» does not slow down. Helps him in this activity in social networks and publicity.

Magomed is able to present this or that news with humor, as well as catch intrigue. It happened and with a recent «incident» with alexander schemenko. On thursday, february 18, on the magician page in «instagram» the video appeared on which he together with «storm» arranged a duel of views. Short video edged with an unexpected shower from the ex-champion bellator.

The record in just a day gained about 600 thousand views, which proves interest in russia to mma, which is rapidly becoming one of the most popular sports. Video quickly scattered on thematic publics on social networks and sports publications. The cause of intrigue is that ismailov and shemenko have previously hinted on a possible duel with each other. This push and the duel itself, as it were, hinted for a possible continuation, althogh it looked produced. Added sharpness and signature under the video «campaign, battle will not with mineev!».

The next day, the magician still published a continuation video that explained everything. Of course, there was no spech about the real conflict. After a push, both athletes shook his hands and laughed. However, ismailov in signature, accompaying video, admitted that the impetus from «storm» it was unexpected. After the fact of the draw from shemenko magomed treated his opponent «candy reconciliation».

«The push was actually unexpected, i was a little and pleasantly surprised at the beginning. But then concluded that it is impossible to relax with this guy, but to relax his candy is qte another matter», – posted in the post ismailov.

So while lovers of mixed martial arts have to be patient until september, before their pets are unlikely to be able to see in a cage.

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