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March 2, 2022
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Scientific Games Launched Symphony System for Lotto Baden-Württemberg

Scientific games corporation announced the official launch of advanced game systems for symphony lottery. The new gaming system is now working at lotto baden-württemberg and on its networks from more than 3,000 licensed retairers in stuttgart in the south-west of germany. Symphony positions the lottery as an incentive for the stable growth of retaireers and online channels, as well as for outputting new lottery games and services to the market. The new system currently supports the entire line of lottery products lotto baden-württemberg, sports oddset and many instant games.

Georg vaker, managing director of lotto baden -vürttemberg, said:

"As the first lottery in the world that runs the latest generation symphony platform, we help other lotteries in the industry to understand the importance of system technologies and opportunities for the integration of third-party suppliers for future growth. We are very pleased with scientific games as our technological partner and launch symphony as a game system to support our retail and digital growth plans for the coming years. ".

Scientific games has developed a new lottery game platform symphony with an autonomous system architecture that is safe and easy to integrate the existing technological infrastructure and third-party systems into all product ruler, speeding up the lottery ability to respond to rapidly changing needs of consumers and retairers. This implementation of symphony is the next generation solution built on a modular architecture, which is currently used by danske spil and norsk tipping.

Pat mcchew, executive director of the lottery group scientific games, notic:

"Lotto baden-württemberg has demonstrated its confidence in cloud multichannel technologies of scientific games and our experience of sustainable growth. We thak the lottery and her guide for the unchanning innovative vision, aimed at ensuring maximum, sustainable growth and profits ".

Scientific games company supplies lotto baden-württemberg technologies since 1992 through inherited companies and currently provides technological products and support from its european world class lotter technology center in vienna. Lotto baden-württemberg and technological groups of the company for 2020 worked on the project integration of the systems, which was announced in january.

"We congratulate lotto baden-württemberg with her decision to promote the operation and be ready for future challenges and position themselves for sustainable growth.",

– said matthias muller, vice president for strategic sales and marketing division of international lottery accounts for scientific games, who helped lend a project.

"Symphony is a suitable platform for supporting the strategic lottery plans to reduce the time for the market for new products and services, the integration of new game verticals, the further development of retail and online channels, as well as the integration of new technologies and partners. Symphony supports all these goals. ".

The state lottery baden-württemberg is the third largest of the 16 state-owned lotteries of germany and brings about 1 billion euros of annual income, financing the community, including sports projects, art, preservation of cultural heritage and other social programs. Currently, the largest supplier of lottery technologies in europe and the fastest growing in the usa, scientfic games is a supplier of all 16 lotteries in germany. The company supplies games, technologies and services more than 150 lotteries in 50 countries and sport rates solutions – 24 lotteries and numerous private operators.

Source: official site scientific games

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