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June 10, 2022
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Scottish bookmakers open again

The gaming sector continues to open in the uk after the winter insulation from coronavirus covid-19.

After re-opening the bookmakers in england and wales two weeks ago, the scottish bookmakers followed their example after four months of closure .

There are about 750 points of receiving rates in scotia, in which more than 4,000 people work.

Michael dueru, executive director of the trade association board and games (bgc), said that the store’s opening was "another step towards normal state".

He said: "after a safe re-opening of the bookmakers in england and wales at the beginning of this month, the return of the scottish stores to work is another step towards normal state and the long-awaited growth in jobs on the main street of scotland.

This is a great news for their employees and customers, and, of course, this is an important source of financing for racing. Since we are looking forward to excellent sports summer, scottish players will be able to safely enjoy trepid on the main street. ".

Scottish bookmakers will continue to follow the measures for covid-19, such as the placement of the disinfection stations and perspex screens between customers. Slot machines will remain off, the volume of television will be reduced, and customers must provide contact details of the tracking and tracking services nhs.

Casino, bingo-halls and gaming centers for adults in england, are expected to open on may 17, but in scotland, it seems to have to wait until june. The government of scotland stated that the casino could be opened only when the country returns to the "second level" of the constraints of covid-19, while pubs and restaurants can open up at the third level.

Bgc and scottish casino criticized a later casino opening as unfair, absurd and deprived scientific basis.

Bgc emphasized the financial contribution that the bidding industry and gambling contributes to the great britain and in employment. Recently published research ernst & young, according to which in 2019 the gross value added industry amounted to 7.7 billion pounds sterling.

Source: focus gaming news

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