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February 2, 2022
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Scotland opens bookmakers after Lokdanun

Betting and gaming council, bgc (betting and gaming council, bgc), welcomed the re-discovery of hundreds of scottish bookmakers, which were closed within the location of the locked. About 400 points – half of the total number in scotland – were closed since the strictest level limits in 4 of 11 regions were reused. But after the infectious level displacement on the third, this small establishment is allowed to open together with other retailers stores.

This step is a huge stimulus for 2,000 employees who work and pay 50 million pounds of sterling per year as taxes plus 13.5 million pounds sterling on racing due to the collection of rates and media rights.

Nevertheless, bgc called on scotland’s government to also resolve a re-opening of a casino at level 3, given the best-in-class measures to combat covid, which they have, and the absence of any evidence that they contribute to the spread of the virus.

Michael duger, executive director of bgc, said:

"This is a great news for employees and customers that bookmakers can open their doors again. They introduced a series of measures to combat coronavirus, including screens from plexiglass, disinfectants for hands and strict social distance rules so that people can work and have fun.

But the casino is attached as much effort so that they can safely open their doors. ".

He added:

"The economic contribution of the bookmakers – and a casino – in the form of taxes paid to the treasury, as well as the workplaces they provide will be vital when the uk recover from the effects of a pandemic.

The contribution of the bookmakers in the jumps that were injured in financially due to the ban on visiting the audience, it is also impossible to overestimate. The five chasisity racetractions were bad because of the pandemic, and we are pleased that the income from shops can now enter this industry. ".

Source: official site betting and gaming council

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