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March 31, 2022
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Slot machines in online casinos when you are lucky to miss the player. But does everything depends on luck? This question is interested in gembrelors around the world. Some are trying to beat video gallets using certain strategies, others pay attention to the function proposed by developers. All players unites one – the desire to learn the real secrets of slots and slot machines that affect the likelihood of victory.

How often win in slots

It is possible how long to watch the rotations of the drums and try to create a winning strategy, but most likely it will not lead to success. It is much more important to understand how the gaming devices are arranged and understand the functions that allow you to win more often and more. Such opportunities laid the developers themselves.

Friespins and respories

One of the most popular bonus functions are freebies and responses. These are free spins, in which the cost of the rate is not written off from the account. In fact, the player pays casino. You can get freebies by collecting on a playing field a given number of special characters, respints are also started when specified conditions. Free rotations are carried out at the same rate that was used by the player before receiving the bonus.

Freebies – a profitable bonus function that gives the player an additional chance to win without investing for his part.

In some videos, free rotations are the main chip. In them, gemblings receive additional multipliers, symbols with a special functionality or even the opportunity to win a jackpot.

Paid bonuses

Bonus rounds provide gembrellas to win large amounts. But for their reception sometimes have to do not one hundred backs. However, in some devices, players may affect the frequency of falling out of various bonuses using paid options:

  • Buying bonuses. GEMBLER pays the specified amount and receives a guaranteed bonus. For example, in the Machine White Rabbit from Big Time Gaming, the player can pay X100 from the bet and get 15 freks.
  • Increased like bonuses. This feature does not guarantee the launch of bonus modes, but increases the likelihood of activation. For example, in the Koi Princess video department, when using an increased rate, the player gets an enlarged chance of running a bonus and double winning during free spins. And in the machine Golden Fish Tank from Yggdrasil Gaming Premium Mode Golden Bet allows you to activate an additional prize function during freks.

One of the varieties of paid bonuses – repeated scrolling of individual drums, or paid response. This feature, in particular, is implemented in Reel Gems slots, Bikini Party and Break Da Bank Again Respin from Microgaming. The cost of rotation in this case depends on the amount of a possible win. If the probability of ripping a huge kush is high, then the price of response for one drum may be several times more expensive than ordinary rotation.

The cost of response is indicated separately under each drum

Gaming automatic manufacturerRTP (%) VolatilityPook bonuses
The Mummy EpicwaysFugaso96.98Higheat
Floating Dragon Hold and SpinPragmatic Play96.71Higheat
Fruitbat CrazyBetsoft95.22averageeat
1 Million Megaways BCIron Dog Studio92.2Higheat

Top slots with purchased bonuses

Risk Management

Assess the exact probability of gaining slot machines, it is not easy, however, there are small tricks that allow you to manage the risk.

Choosing a video gallery with a game of doubling, the chances of winning increase. In the simplest risk-game, GEMBLER needs to guess the color of the card, the probability of success in this case is 50%, as is the bid on black or red on the roulette. Such an opportunity to increase payment should not be neglected.

Some types of doubling games allow even more consciously controlling the process. For example, in a traditional risk game where you need to choose from four closed cards that will be older than the dealer. Here you can always evaluate your chances, after looking at the croupier. If the dealer card is too big, then it is worth picking money. If small – risk.

An indicative example – modern automata from Endorphina, where the rules provide statistics on risk-game returns depending on the dealer card. For example, if a dealer is open to the decend, the RTP level is 162%. It is important to remember that RTP is not a chance to win and even with an indicator above 100% there is a probability of losing.

Description Risk game in the video department Cash Tank

Level of volatility

Some slots allow control of volatility even in standard mode, but more often this function applies to free rotation. For example, in the game machine Game of Thrones, when receiving freakies, GEMBLER chooses, which of the houses it will play. This depends on the number of prizes and multiplier for payments. The smaller the bonus rotations activates the player, the higher the probability of ripping a big kush.

In the automatic machines Microgaming Series Untamed in the risk game you can also control volatility. The draw is made in a circle where the player can increase or decrease the segment in which the arrow must be stopped to accrue. The larger the segment area, the less the money prize in the event of victory. Additional Secret Risk Game in Untamed Giant Panda is that the gembler can save part of the gain in untouched.

Risk game in the video department Untamed Giant Panda

Secrets of machine guns igrosoft

Speaking of secrets in online slots, it is impossible to bypass Igrosoft’s game devices. With the name of this company, most of the "urban legends" are connected among gembrellas. Crazy Monkey, Resident, Fruit Cocktail, Crazy Fruits and other devices of this developer allegedly have secret combinations, bugs and winning betting sequences.

Crazy Monkey – Popular Machine With Secret

Three species of "secrets" stand out:

  • Sequence of actions in bonus games. Gembrellas are invited to open safes, pull over the ropes, open the barrels and T.D. in a given order. Supposedly guarantees the successful passage of the round. At the same time, the tips on different sites differ from each other.
  • Raising rates according to a given scheme. Variations can be different, but the essence is one – it is required to gradually increase the cost of rotation and the number of lines involved. "Knowledgeable people" argue that it increases the chances of disrupting a big kush.
  • Game at maximum rates. There is a legend that some slots have a bug, and if they have big bets in them, the chances of knocking out a combo with the highest coefficient increase. Of course, this is a myth, but in some slots, the player is really more profitable to play with large bets. For example, in Crazy Monkey or Resident, it gives an additional attempt in a bonus game. The monkey gets a helmet that protects against the fall of a heavy item, and the resident is a fire extinguisher, with which it neutroins dynamite in the safe.

The secrets of Igrosoft slot machines cause skepticism from experienced players.

First of all, because such "tricks" urge the hembolle to put on the maximum and as a result – to spend the bankroll faster.

Of course, real secrets of video gallets are hidden inside the program code. But not even knowing about them, you can use the features of the devices in their favor. It is enough to deal with the rules and understand the essence of bonus functions. The main thing – with the mind to apply the knowledge gained and do not try to deceive the casino.

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