Semike Misses Cockerin And Is Waiting For His Return To Zenit

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March 21, 2022
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Pieter head coach «zenita» sergey semaak spoke about his position on the former player of the club alexander kokorina: a specialist wants to return a football player and signing a new cooperation agreement.

Semike misses Cockerin and is waiting for his return to Zenit

The club continues to support his former player

Russian specialist said that wishes the speedy return of kokorina in «zenith», despite the fact that the football player has expired contract term on june 30 of this year and that he is sitting in prison.

Sergey semaak: «would be glad if kokorin had returned as soon as «zenith»https: // t.Co / bycalety3b

— sergey semak news (@semak_news)
july 18, 2019.

Previously representatives «zenita» already expressed their support to alexander kokorina, positioning himself on the side of the guilty. This time the head coach of the st. Petersburg club gave a comment on this, in which she said that the return of kokorina to the team would make the technique happy. In his opinion, the russian footballer after returning to training will be able to help the club.

In addition, semac reported that he would also like to know more about the life of the former football player of the st. Petersburg club, but he does not have such an opportunity.

Recall that on june 13, the moscow city court declared the sentence of cocker after the charge of a football player in two fights – one and a half years in prison. Now 28-year-old winger is located in the colony of the belgorod region together with pavel mamaev.

Earlier, we wrote about the game in football cockerine and mamaev in the colony.

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